Meet Seeds Here Now’s DJ and JD Short

calendar June 15, 2021
Meet Seeds Here Now’s DJ and JD Short

By Amelia B – Slyng

NOV 25, 2020

Having earned a reputation for being notoriously picky about whose seeds he will buy, Bean explains, “I try with all my ability to work with the guy who originally made it. I don’t want to work with a guy that stole it, I want the guy who did it in the first place. The guy who took the risk and stood on the shoulders of giants. I cruise down the highway that they paved. If I can give them something back, then that’s my goal.”

That’s how he met up with DJ Short, breeder, and owner of DJ Genetics, known to his fans as Old World Genetics, and came to work with his son JD of Second Generation Genetics years later. 

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