Got Questions? We have answers!

Below you will find our most oft-asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for after reading this section carefully, please feel free to contact us at [email protected], or by calling 844-697-3337 Monday through Friday between 7am and 5pm Pacific.

Attention SeedsHereNow.com Customers

We wish to inform you that due to a new announcement by the USPS, all mail delivery will take longer than was the previous norm.

We strongly urge you to use upgraded shipping options to increase the chance of your payment arriving in a timely manner as well as the arrival of your package from us.

Thank you, The SHN Team.

Where We Deliver

We offer discreet delivery to the US and many other countries. If your region or country appears on the list below – then we DO NOT send there at this time. Even if we do send to your country/region/state at this time PLEASE NOTE: It’s not possible for us to know and track every law in every US state or country. We sell a collectible genetic kit for souvenir purposes. We will not knowingly send to an area where it is illegal for you to have them even as souvenirs. As the consumer you accept full responsibility for following the laws of your area. If your package is detained it is your responsibility to retrieve it or not. We do NOT refund orders in this situation.

It is also possible that your order may incur duty charges/taxes.

We will NOT change our packaging or break down seeds and send them in other objects, etc.

We currently DO NOT deliver to:
Dominican Republic
North Korea
Saint Kitts
Saudi Arabia
South Africa

IMPORTANT Delivery Information

We wish to inform you that due to Covid-19 restraints, USPS slow down, the vaccine, the Holidays, storms back east and, well, really 2020 in general WE STRONGLY URGE YOU TO USE UPGRADED SHIPPING OPTIONS to increase the chance of your payment arriving in a timely matter as well as the arrival of your package from us.

Thank you, The SHN Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Methods

We currently accept bitcoin (btc only), cash, checks, and money orders. We can also accept card payments for our US customers via MESH.

If you have any additional questions please contact our support team at [email protected].

*Please Note: ANY checks that are non redeemable for NSF or cancellation are subject to Oregon State Law; $100 or triple the amount of the check, whichever is greater but not to exceed $500 and reasonable attorneys’ fees.

Cryptocurrency Payments

We are currently able to accept Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method. Please be advised that by placing an order with this method, your transaction must be confirmed in the blockchain within 72 hours after checkout or your order will be cancelled.

If you believe your BTC went through but our system shows FAILED, CANCELLED or ON HOLD (for longer than 24 hours), please contact us at [email protected].

We do not accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), or any other variant of Bitcoin (BTC). If you send us any amount of cryptocurrency that we do not accept, we will not receive it, you will have lost it, and we will not be able to assist you.

Card Payments via MESH (U.S. Customers Only)

We are now able to accept card payments via MESH for our U.S. customers. Simply choose the Credit Card via MESH option at checkout, and you will be directed to the MESH system to complete your order using your VISA®, MASTERCARD®, or DISCOVER® card.

When you open a MESH account, they will ask for your legal name, address, date of birth, and the last 4 digits of your SSN. This information is not transmitted to/or kept in the SeedsHereNow system, and is strictly between you and MESH. Use of a MESH account is also subject to fraud prevention restrictions at any time, with or without notice.

If you have questions please review our privacy policy. We will never share or sell your information and use only the highest level of security to ensure your privacy.

Processing fees vary, and are applied to each transaction by MESH for use of their services.

Please make sure your order is exactly as you want it before checking out, as all sales are final. We can not make any changes to an order once payment has been applied, and we do not offer refunds nor do we accept exchanges. Your order will remain on hold for 24 hours while we wait for your payment to apply, after which time it will cancel and you will need to place a new order.

If your transaction is interrupted or the window is closed during checkout, it is recommended that you wait at least 20 minutes before attempting to place a new order and check out again. DO NOT attempt to complete checking out twice for the same order.

You can find the answer to many frequently asked questions about MESH here: MESH.pdf, or visit their website here: https://mymesh.money/. If you have any additional questions regarding MESH please contact 1-877-769-6374. For all other questions please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

ACH Payments (U.S. customers only)


ACH payments are a way to send your payment directly from your checking or savings account. You will simply need your 9 digit Routing Number and your Account Number to be able to complete your order with this method. 

Please note that while we do not charge any fees for this service, you will be responsible for any fees that your financial institution charges to your account. Some banks and credit unions will not be compatible with this payment option.

And please remember that ALL SALES ARE FINAL once payment has been applied. No changes can be made to the items in your order, and no refunds or exchanges will be offered.

Money Order Payments

When you select Money Order for your payment option at checkout, your items are automatically removed from inventory and placed safely on hold while we wait for your payment to arrive. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to complete your payment once checkout is complete. If we do not hear from you or receive your payment within 14 DAYS your order will automatically cancel and your items will return to inventory on site.

All Money Orders and Mailed Payments MUST BE in U.S. Dollars. Money orders can be bought at your local post office, bank, or – in many cases – grocery or drug stores.

Please include your order number either in the memo line of the money order or check.. You may also print out this invoice or use another sheet of paper to note your name and order number, and include it with your payment. Including this information will speed up the processing of your order.

Please make your money order payable to: Ned’s Fair Trade

DO NOT sign the back of the money order or check.
DO NOT staple or tape anything to payment.

DO sign the FRONT of the check/money order if it says PURCHASER’S SIGNATURE and has a place for you to sign on front ONLY. (Do not sign on the back please)
DO keep the receipt for your records.
DO Limit your open orders to no more than 3 active at one time. If you have 3 and make a 4th the oldest one will automatically be cancelled.

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you send your payment via a method with tracking numbers – such as USPS certified or priority mail, etc. – then email us your order number and tracking number so we know it’s on the way.

Mail to:
Ned’s Fair Trade
2728 W. Main St., Suite 106
Medford, OR 97501

We pick up our mail (USPS, UPS, FEDEX, etc) Monday – Friday before 9:00 a.m PDT (west coast time). If your payment arrives AFTER that time on any given day we will get it the next day. IF it arrives on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, we will get it Monday.

Once a money order is received and has been processed no changes can be made to the order. Once the order status is complete the order is final and you will receive an automated email with tracking number when we print your label for delivery.

Wondering if we received your money order? If you have not yet received tacking – then we likely didn’t get it. But we understand waiting and wondering is stressful. If you sent it with tracking – you should be able to track it and alert us if you think we didn’t get it – we answer all the emails! If you have questions or concerns about your payment’s arrival –please reach out to our support team at [email protected].

This is NOT our Secret Headquarters – this is a secure mail and parcel delivery center. Do NOT deliver your payment in person we will NOT accept it as it raises security concerns for us and the rest of our valued customers. Thank you for your understanding regarding this matter.

Personal Check Payments
We are currently accepting personal checks for payment with a limit of $325 for your first order, and $750 for any orders there after. Please make your check payable to Ned’s Fair Trade. Checks made out to ANYONE other than Ned’s Fair Trade will be returned.

Please sign the front of your check where indicated.

Please DO NOT WRITE on the back of your check

Your name, address and phone number must be imprinted on the check. No counter checks.

*Please Note: If you choose to send a personal check please note that your items will remain on hold until the funds clear the bank. Once payment has cleared your order will finish processing and be sent on its way to you.

ANY checks that are non redeemable for NSF or cancellation are subject to Oregon State Law. $100 or triple the amount of the check, whichever is greater but not to exceed $500 and reasonable attorneys’ fees.

Reward Points

SHN Rewards Points

For every $10 you spend at SHN, you’ll receive 1 point credited to your account. Your points will be documented on the dashboard under MY POINTS. Once you have accumulated at least 2 points, you may redeem them during checkout.

1 point = $1

Points are non transferable.

Points must be used within 18 months.

Points are awarded to orders once the order has been completed.

If you use coupons, you will receive reduced points based on actual item total after discount.

Most coupon codes will not work on orders where you are redeeming your points.

If you use points earned from a previous order, you will not receive points on the order.

Items that are on sale will not earn points.

Refunds, Returns, and Exchanges
Due to our high standards we can not accept any returns or exchanges, as we would not re-sell any items after they have left our custody. We do not offer refunds for any reason, but we will offer site credit in certain situations. If you have any questions please contact our support staff at [email protected].
I changed my mind about these items
While we do strive to offer 100% satisfaction we do not offer refunds for erroneous orders, and we can not accept returns for exchange. Due to our Satisfaction Guarantee, we would not re-sell any item that had previously left our custody.

If you placed or received an order and changed your mind we will not refund or exchange it. If there is an error on your order we will try to work with you, but we send orders out very quickly and we can’t always catch them before they go out for delivery.

Combining or Making Changes to Orders

Due to updates in our inventory and ordering systems we can no longer combine or make changes to orders once they are placed. If you find that you do not want to complete your order as originally placed, please contact us and we will help you get that order cancelled so you can place a new one.

Once your order is completed we have no way of cancelling the order, so please call us directly if the matter is urgent. You can reach us by phone at 1-844-697-3337 or by email at [email protected].

How do gift certificates work?
SHN gift certificates are a great surprise for friends or family. These are digital items so there will be no delivery fee on your end.. Simply select the value of your gift certificate, enter your friends email (and a note if you would like) and check out as normal. Once your payment has been processed, and your order is complete, the gift card code will be sent to the email address you entered.

Gift cards can be used in combination with other payment methods.

Gift cards can be combined with coupons OR reward points.

Gift card balances can be checked from your profile.

Gift cards can be used to purchase any items on our site, and will also apply to shipping fees.

Anyone who you give the code to can use the credit on the card

Multiple gift cards can be applied to the same order.

Gift cards can be used for multiple orders if a balance remains.

Gift cards can be pre-loaded and used at the customer’s discretion.

Coupons and Discounts

Coupon codes are something we create to allow customers to apply a discount to their order.

Only ONE code or discount can be applied to an order at a time. If you enter another coupon code it will replace the previous code.

Coupon codes can be found in a few places:

  1. On social media – follow us on our social media pages to find special codes
  2. On advertisements that we put out in industry magazines, flyers, events, etc

Rules for discounts and coupon codes:

  1. Only one coupon code or discount can be used per order. If you enter another coupon code it will replace the previous code.
  2. Coupon codes and discounts can not be used with sale items, “BOGO Products” items, or with items that have the tag New (items stocked within the last 90 days), Flash, or Presale (items that have yet to arrive).
  3. If you use coupons or discounts, you will not receive points.
  4. Coupon codes and discounts can not be used with reward points.

APPLYING YOUR DISCOUNT: Check out as you normally would and choose payment method THEN go back to your shopping cart and add the discount code in the discount code box, then resume checking out. The Discount Code box is located in the SHOPPING CART vs on the payment page. Make sure you hit “apply”

My items didn't meet my expectations
Your satisfaction is our #1 priority! If there is a problem with an item you received, we will not issue a refund. However, we do follow industry standards regarding the future value of your souvenirs, and will be happy to work with you on finding a resolution.

We can not always offer direct replacements of the same item, but we will issue store credit if it is deemed appropriate to your situation. If you have been issued a replacement or a credit for a product already, we will not issue you a credit for the same item.

We will not issue more than 1 replacement credit per order, and will not issue more than 3 replacement credits per customer, per lifetime.

Our satisfaction guarantee extends only to items that have been purchased, so items that were received at no cost, such as gifts, will not be covered, therefore, will not have credit issued for them.

Please contact us at [email protected] to receive help.

My item is now on sale.
We offer a new set of specials each month as a standard practice. Because of this, and our high volume of orders, we are UNABLE to offer price adjustments for orders placed before or after a product is placed on – or goes off – sale.
What's the limit a cart will hold my items?
Placing items in your cart will hold them for 60 minutes. At the end of this time if you have not completed checking out, your items will return to available inventory.

There is a limit to 3 of any items labelled as New, Flash, or Presale per customer; multiple orders, or carts that break that limit will be deleted within 24 hours. Repeated violations of this policy could lead to a ban from ordering.

Restocking fee
Sometimes the price of our gear will fluctuate depending on circumstances, the most common being price drops for gear that goes on sale. Occasionally the price may go up, however rare this occurrence may be this usually occurs when:

Gear is manually restocked.

Gear is restocked from cancelled orders that require special attention.

Gear is released from cancelled orders as a last chance to purchase after the item(s) have been out of stock for a period of time.

Typically the circumstances above will incur a 20% restocking fee. If you have questions please contact us at [email protected] to receive help..

Can stock be reserved?
In-General: Stock is reserved when an order is on hold awaiting a payment. Please remember that placing an order only holds your items for 2 weeks for a physical payment and 2 hours for a digital payment. After that time, if payment has not been received, your order will automatically cancel and the stock will be returned to inventory.

Pre-Sales: Since we deal hand in hand with the breeders we represent our customers will often be given the opportunity to get access to exclusive drops from our breeders before anyone else! In this case, the breeder in question agrees to send us a guaranteed amount of stock. Which means the first packs of gear available on the market are available to OUR customers first. Standard pre-sales take place 10-14 days BEFORE the gear is released to the general public. We do not accept deposits prior to the presale being released. You can then purchase these items via the pre-sale and be guaranteed to be among the first to have the items sent to you once available. To take advantage of Pre-Sale benefits please sign up for our email list (via the website), Twitter, Instagram, and other popular social media platforms!

How do BOGOs work?
When we offer a BOGO (Buy One – Get One) deal you do not need a special code to receive the free item. Just order the qualifying pack(s) only. So, if the special reads, for example: “Buy any pack of Best Coast Genetics and get another Best Coast Genetics pack free” all you need to do is order the Best Coast Genetics strain that you are most interested in.

All ‘free’ BOGO packs, as well as advertised gifts, are chosen by our Distribution Team and added to the order as it is packed.

The free pack will not show up on your invoice.

Please do not email us asking for a specific BOGO pack – they are all chosen by the distribution team when the item is packed. No exceptions

Gift Policy
When we offer monthly specials that include a gift it’s expressly under the condition that they will be available to all qualifying orders while supplies last.

We carefully consider these monthly deals and strive to order an appropriate amount of gifts to include with orders. Sometimes the deals generate far more interest than we anticipated and we run out. While we understand this can be frustrating we are not able to offer rain checks or guarantees on ‘Free Gifts” as there is no viable way for us to do so.

How many packs can I buy?
Normally we do not like to place limits on our wonderful genetics, but to be fair to all of our valued customers, our policy is that any “New, Flash, or Presale” items be limited to 3 per customer. Multiple orders, or carts that break this limit will also be deleted within 24 hours. Repeated violations of this policy could lead to a ban from ordering.

For all other items there is no limit unless specifically stated.

How long will it take for my package to arrive?
On average 3-14 business days for orders within the USA. International orders may take several weeks.
Your order will be sent out after your payment has been received, confirmed, and applied to your order. The email containing your tracking number will be sent to you automatically when your order is sent out. If you wish to pay with cash, check, or money order PLEASE email us your order number, and your tracking number for your payment at [email protected].

If you feel your order is lost, missing or stolen you must report it to us within 30 days. Anything after 30 days and there is simply nothing we can do. You will receive a tracking number via automated email when your label is printed for delivery. It is your responsibility to keep this number and alert us if not received within the 30 days. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items once they show as delivered in the tracking system.

Resetting your password
Go to the My Account page and look directly underneath the Login button.

You will see a link labeled:

“Lost your password?”

Click on that link and you will be redirected to a page that allows you to reset your password.

My email isn't recognized as a user.
If you are having issues signing into your account, please contact us directly at [email protected] to receive help., or call us at 844-697-3337.
Wrong delivery address?
It is your responsibility to put in the correct information. We send items out for delivery very quickly in most cases and may not be able to make corrections.

If you get your tracking confirmation email — it is too late, your package has left the building and we cannot fix or change it.

Once an order leaves our warehouses we cannot retrieve it to be corrected. It will be YOUR job to arrange for pick up at the delivery address, or have it held at your local post office.

We are not responsible for lost, returned or stolen packages.

Is your delivery discreet?
All of our packages are delivered discreetly via courier service. Your collectibles are tucked inside a brown paper bag, which is then placed into a small flat-rate-sized box. The Box is taped closed for extra security and labeled with a plain black-and-white, logo-free label. You’ll additionally be emailed a tracking number so that you can follow your order and know exactly when it will arrive.
Why did you change the name on my address?
Please note, if your delivery address contains any of the following words they will be removed from the address when your delivery label is created.

Dab (dabs, dabbin, etc)

Multiple Accounts
We do limit user accounts to one per person, as having multiple accounts gives an unfair advantage over other customers in regards to sales limits, and promotions. If you are found to have multiple accounts, your accounts will be closed and combined into one user account. Multiple violations of this will result in your user account being closed, and you being banned from our site.
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