Under $30 Strains

Get A Great Deal On Under $30 Cannabis Seeds

Everyone loves to get a great deal, and the under $30 strains at SeedsHereNow ensure that customers can easily obtain our quality seeds at a very affordable price. These sale strains come from some of our most popular breeders and strain varieties, ensuring you can find what you want in indica cannabis seeds, sativa cannabis seeds, and hybrid cannabis seeds.

Unlike other seed bank companies, we offer a top selection of cannabis seeds from under $30 strains. As with all of our strains, we provide a full write-up on the product, allowing you to choose the strain that is just right for your growing and cultivation needs. As an added bonus, Seeds Here Now also adds free seeds with every order that is placed with us – which means virtually unlimited freebies for repeat customers!

Cannabis Seed and Strain Options to Consider

Looking to buy new weed strains? The seeds on this page are linked to some amazing lineage, including classic strains and those that are new and upcoming in the cannabis industry. We also provide information on related strains so those looking for slightly different features can easily determine what they want with important details to consider before making their buying decision.

Each of these marijuana seed packages contains a specific number of seeds per pack, which is always provided for easy comparison, often ranging from simple 5-pack to 10-pack options. We also provide the strain’s lineage, helping you determine if the strain is a good fit for your needs and providing a good idea of what to expect from the strain when it’s grown.

Regular Seeds

Our selection of under $30 strains in regular seeds is a great option for those who want to buy new weed strains to try for the very first time or try their hand at creating their own signature strain. With a small number of seeds at a very low cost, you can experiment with creating your own hybrid before moving to larger production if you like the result. Because our seed bank sets the standard for quality genetics, we can also help you with personalized advice or answer any questions you might have about growing and cultivating any of the cannabis seeds we have on offer.

To find out more about our great deals on cannabis seeds, call SeedsHereNow at 844-MY-SEEDS (844-697-3337) or reach us through our online form.