Flavor of the Month

Autumn has arrived, and with winter on its heels, it's time to embrace the season with a delightful dash of sweetness! Savor the cozy, brisk days that lie ahead and prepare to enchant your taste buds all November long with the mouthwatering flavor of blueberry!

SeedHereNow.com Presents: The Blueberry Bash November Sale!

Blueberry cannabis strains have long been a favorite among growers and users who adore their tangy, fruity flavors and exotic colors. Terpenes, the organic compounds responsible for each plant's distinctive scent and taste, are the primary contributors to the delightful berry-like characteristics in these strains. In certain cannabis strains, blueberry terpenes create a uniquely sweet fragrance that distinguishes them. Not only do these terpenes influence the aroma and flavor profile of blueberry cannabis strains, but they also play a role in the overall effects and potential therapeutic benefits associated with them. Linalool and myrcene are two significant terpenes that contribute to the blueberry essence of certain cannabis strains. Enjoy, Jb

Fruity Facts

  • Terpenes

    Both cannabis and blueberries contain a variety of terpenes, which are aromatic compounds found in many plants. The terpene linalool, for instance, is present in both and is associated with the sweet, floral aroma found in some strains of cannabis and the uniquely fruity aroma of blueberries.

  • Medicinal properties

    Both have been used for medicinal purposes. Cannabis has been used to manage conditions such as chronic pain, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis. Blueberries, on the other hand, are rich in vitamins and minerals and may be helpful for improving heart health, protecting against aging, and much more.

  • Cultivation

    Both blueberries and cannabis can be cultivated indoors or outdoors when provided with the right conditions. Cannabis and blueberries require careful management of several factors, including light, temperature, and soil pH, to achieve optimal results.

  • Flavor Pairings

    Blueberry-flavored strains are a delicious treat that can be enjoyed as a scrumptious smoke or infused into edibles, beverages, and other products. Given their fruity scent, berry-flavored products often are paired with citrus, ginger, banana, cinnamon, and herbs. The flavor combinations are endless!

  • End Product Use

    Both are used in a wide variety of goods. Cannabis is used in recreational and medicinal products, textiles, and even food. Blueberries are consumed fresh, juiced, or preserved and are extracted to make flavors for candies, sodas, and other delicious products.

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