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Monthly Sales – May 2022

12:00am Pacific Time May 1st -> 11:59pm Pacific Time May 31st

May 2022 Sale

25% Off Of The Following Strains:

Chem Chillz {REG} [10pk]

Loud Cannagenix
Italian Apple {FEM} [5pk]
Offendo {FEM} [5pk]

BOG Seeds
Sour BluTooth {REG} [6pk]

Ethos Genetics
OG Kush Autoflower Rbx {AutoFEM} [10pk]

Second Generation Genetics
Oregon Cutthroat {REG} [10pk]

Lucky Dog Seed Company
Bohemian Highway {REG} [13pk]

Omuerta Genetix
Los Pepe’s {REG} [11pk]

Heroes of the Farm
Freedom Fighter 2021 Limited Edition {REG} [40pk]
Jazz Queen {REG} [13pk]

Crockett Family Farms
Sugar Sap {REG} [12pk]
Sour Plum {REG} [12pk]

Swamp Boys Seeds
Rollie {REG} [12pk]
Brzrkr {REG} [12pk] RETIRED
Shoki {REG} [12pk]

Exotic Genetix
Carmelita {REG} [10pk]
Goudaberry {REG} [10pk]
Mike’s Strawberry Lemonade {REG} [10pk]
Mystic Magic {REG} [10pk]
Astro Pop {FEM} [6pk]
Ghetto Red {FEM} [6pk]
Island Chill {REG} [10pk]
Sweat Helmet {REG} [10pk]
The Woah {REG} [10pk]
Slippery Susan {REG} [10pk]

Cart Gifts:
$300 – Random gift pack from Ethos
$600 – Crockett Tangie x Hell Fire (4) count pack {Reg} by Crockett Family Farms + $300 gift pack above
$1,000 – 707 “Adventure Pack” (10) count pack {Reg} by 707 Seeds + $300 & $600 gifts packs above

James Beans Fist Full Of Freebies

James Beans presents our Showers to Flowers Fistful of Freebies!!
Every QUALIFYING order sold between 12:01am PDT on April 1st, 2022 and 11:59 pm PDT on May 31st, 2022 will receive a raffle ticket(s)!! In order to enter the raffle, please send an email with your ticket number as the SUBJECT to  

You MUST send an email for EACH TICKET that you enter. Then, put that ticket in a safe place because if your number is drawn, you will be asked to provide proof of your winning ticket.

All entries must be received by June 22nd at 4:00pm PDT. ONE lucky winner will then be chosen from all eligible email entries at 4:20 pm Pacific. The winning ticket will be posted on the home page following the drawing on June 22, 2022. (Didn’t catch the number? No worries! The winner will also be notified via email.)

-Goat & Monkey “Valley Haze” (10) pack Reg
-Exotic Genetics “Sugar Puss” (3) pack Fem
-Dominion Seed Co “Ironsheik Kush” (13) pack Reg
-The Northfire “Bonanno” (7) pack Fem
-Sin City Seeds “Showgirls” (3) pack Fem
-Cannarado “Goji Margy” (5) pack Reg
-Solfire “Bahama Mama S1” (6) pack Fem
-Ethos “White Wedding x Lilac Diesel #22” (3) pack Fem
-Ethos “Zkittlez Bx2” (5) pack Reg
-Eazy Daze “Happy Ending #3 f2” (5) pack Reg

Trichome Jungle

Buy any pack of Trichome Jungle, get one 5pk REG of Lillt F2.*Limit 1 per order *While supplies last

Eazy Daze

Buy any 1 pack of Eazy Daze Cultivators, get a free REG 2pk of Freeman Cheese*While supplies last

Blackbird Preservations

Buy any 2 packs of Blackbird Preservations, get a free random REG 11pk *While supplies last, One per order

Kush Family Originals

Buy any pack of Kush Family Originals,  get a PurplePunch x GhostOg Bx4 {REG} gift, No Limit! *while supplies last

Wolfpack Selections

Buy any pack of Wolf Pack Selections,  get a Zookiez x (Banana Cream x Jealousy) {FEM} [3pk] gift, No Limit! *while supplies last

PNW Roots

Buy any pack of the following PNW Roots (Afogato, Happy Chillmore, Koffee Limedog, and Watermelon Koffee),  get a random PNW Roots gift pack, No Limit! *while supplies last

Hawaiian Budline

Buy any 1 pack of Hawaiian Budline, get a free Random REG 10pk *While supplies last

Cannabis Research Co

Buy any pack of Cannabis Research Co, get a free Shishkaberry x Dying Wish {REG} [5pk] *While supplies last

Exotic Genetix

Buy any 3 packs of Exotic Baker’s Dozen Fem Line, get a free Random REG 6pk from the Red Pop Line **Gifts will be included by our distribution team when your order is being completed. Gifts will only be included while supplies last, and requests will not be taken for specific items. Orders placed separately for 3 packs will not earn the gift.

Strait A Genetics

First 40 orders containing the Feb 22nd drop of Strait A Genetics, gets a REG 6pk gift of Chunky Cherries  *while supplies last

PNW Roots

Buy any pack of PNW Roots Koffee F7,  get a 10 pack of Coyote Koffee, No Limit! *while supplies last

Cannarado Genetics

Buy any 2 packs of Cannarado,  get a free lanyard! *while supplies last
Buy any 4 packs of Cannarado,  get a free lanyard + koozie! *while supplies last

Gibbs Kutz

Any order containing Gibbs Kutz, get a gift from the breeder. *while supplies last

Seattle Chronic

Buy any pack of Seattle Chronic, get a Finola F3 5pk REG

Prana Medical Seeds

Buy any pack of Prana Medical Seeds, get a free gift from Prana *No Limit,While supplies last

Boneyard Seeds

Buy any pack of Boneyard’s North Valley, Bobs Chettter, or NorCal Space Goo, get a free 3 pack of Broken Bones(random crosses) *No Limit,While supplies last

Strait A Genetics

Buy any 2 packs of Strait A Genetics, get a random strain gift  *while supplies last

Exotic Genetix

Buy any pack of Exotic’s Scotty 2 Hotty Fem line, get a 3 pack of Too Cool *No limit *While supplies last
Buy any 2 packs of Exotic’s Scotty 2 Hotty Fem line, also get a free (10pk) of Best Coast – Sour Chem (sour d x chem) *No limit *While supplies last


*Normally we do not like to place limits on our genetics, however to be fair to all of our valued customers we do ask that any “NEW, FLASH, OR PRE-SALE” items be limited to (3) per customer. Orders that exceed this limit will be Manually adjusted to reflect this policy.

*All GIFTS, SPECIALS, AND PROMOTIONAL ITEMS are added to your order at the time of Fulfillment and Processing, NOT at the time of order creation. All gifts are first come, first serve unless otherwise mentioned.

*This page is updated regularly to reflect active promotional offers by SeedsHereNow.com and our Breeders. Please check back regularly for availability. Please contact our CSR Team at [email protected] you have any questions.

*This page is updated frequently when any gift, special, or promotional offer is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Items shown in RED that are CROSSED OUT have become UNAVAILABLE.




*PLEASE NOTE: Only 1 coupon code may be applied per order.

*PLEASE NOTE: Coupon codes are not valid with SALES, SPECIALS, PROMOTIONAL ITEMS, or NEW GEAR unless otherwise mentioned.

*Cash discount will not apply to Money Order, Check, Cryptocurrency, or MESH orders. Any orders not paid for in cash, will be held until full payment is received.