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cannabis seeds on sale

Monthly Sales – December 2022

12:00am Pacific Time December 1st -> 11:59pm Pacific Time December 31st

Monthly Sales December 2022

Any order placed over $100 (Before shipping) will get a FREE (3) count gift pack. *


-Buy any pack from Exotic Genetix and receive a FREE gift pack from Exotic Genetix.*


-Buy any 2 packs from Exotic Genetix and receive a FREE gift pack of Red Runtz S1 and the FREE gift pack above.
*Pack to be randomly picked by distribution at time of fulfillment.


Pacific Northwest Roots
$100 a pack


Best Coast Genetics
$25 a pack


BOG $88 A Pack:
BOG Bubble {REG} [13pk]
LSD {REG} [13pk]
Sour BluTooth {REG} [13pk]
Sour Boggle {REG} [13pk]
Sour Bubble {REG} [13pk]
Sour Grape {REG} [13pk]
Sour Lifesaver {REG} [13pk]
Sweet Cindy {REG} [13pk]


Exotic Genetix:
$100 a Pack:
Rainbow G {REG} [10pk]
Runtz Buttonz {REG} [10pk]
Big League Sherb {REG} [10pk]
Gazzungaz {REG} [10pk]


$50 a Pack:
Guicy Banger {REG} [10pk]
Mystic Magic {REG} [10pk]


$70 a Pack:
Mike’s Strawberry Lemonade {REG} [10pk]
Monkey Berries {REG} [10pk]
Slippery Susan {REG} [10pk]


$40 a Pack:
Irish Cannonball {REG} [10pk]


$75 a Pack:
The Woah {REG} [10pk]


$100 a Pack:
Astro Pop {FEM} [6pk]
Devils Drip {FEM} [6pk]
Dirty Bird {FEM} [6pk]
Dreamsicle {FEM} [6pk]
Gary Poppins {FEM} [6pk]
Ghetto Red {FEM} [6pk]
Goldust {FEM} [6pk]
Night Moves {FEM} [6pk]
Roll Ups {FEM} [6pk]


Swamp Boys Seeds

$80 a Pack:
Brzrkr {REG} [12pk] RETIRED
Drivin Miss Daisy {REG} [12pk]
First 48 {REG} [12pk]
Lucie {REG} [12pk]
Rollie {REG} [12pk]
Shoki {REG} [12pk]
Summer Breeze {REG} [12pk]


TH Seeds:
$35 A Pack:
Cold Creek Kush {REG} [5pk]
Kushage {REG} [5pk]
Mkage {REG} [5pk]
S.A.G.E. {REG} [5pk]
Wreckage {REG} [5pk]


$70 A Pack:
Darkstar {REG} [10pk]


La Plata Labs $50 A Pack:
Alien Blues {FEM} [5pk]
Colorado Clementines {FEM} [5pk]
Durango Blues {FEM} [5pk]
Flubber {FEM} [5pk]


SolFire Gardens:
$45 A Pack:
Mega Mind {FEM} [3pk]
Miami Mami {FEM} [3pk]


$75 A Pack:
Sol Sonic {FEM} [6pk]
Udder Madness {FEM} [6pk]

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James Beans Fist Full Of Freebies

Congratulations to our winner of the Showers 2 Flowers Fitsful of Freebies, ticket number 055130!

Stay tuned here for future raffles!

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Solfire Gardens

Buy any pack of Banana Clipz, G Ride, Mad Dog, Ice Cold, Shot Caller, or Poppin' Bottlez,
get a pack of Smile Now Cry Laterz! no limit*while supplies last

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Heavy Dayze Genetics

Buy any pack of Heavy Dayze Genetics, get a 6 pack gift from Heavy Dayze! no limit!* while supplies last *distribution's choice

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Nasha Genetics

Buy any 2 packs from Nasha Genetics line up and get a FREE (2) count gift pack of either Gushers S1, Apple Gushers, Gushers Rain, Gruntz, Hardcore Mac, Fat Freddy’s Cat, Getafix, or Lemonasher

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Solfire Gardens

Purchase any 2 packs of Solfire Gardens and get a FREE pack of “Grim Spodie” (Grape Spodie x Grim Bastard OG) {REG}[6pk]

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Hawaiian Budline

Buy any 1 pack of Hawaiian Budline, get a free Random REG 10pk *While supplies last

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Cannabis Research Co

Buy any pack of Cannabis Research Co, get a free Shishkaberry x Dying Wish {REG} [5pk] *While supplies last

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Seattle Chronic

Buy any pack of Seattle Chronic, get a Finola F3 5pk REG

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Blackbird Preservations

Buy any 2 packs of Blackbird Preservations, get a free random REG 11pk *While supplies last, One per order

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Sin city

Buy any pack of Sin City Raskal Berries Regular Drop, get a pack of Cloudberry, No Limit! *while supplies last

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Boneyard Seeds

Buy any pack of Boneyard’s North Valley, Bobs Chettter, or NorCal Space Goo, get a free 3 pack of Broken Bones(random crosses) *No Limit,While supplies last

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The Seed Kompany

Buy any 2 packs of TSK’s New Dirty Taxi Line, get a free Dirty Taxi x (PCK x SSH F4) 6 pack! *while supplies last

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