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Looking for the latest and greatest cannabis seeds on the market? has you covered. We work with more than 70 word-class breeders to bring you cutting-edge genetics that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you're looking for medical benefits or recreational enjoyment, our new arrivals promise groundbreaking traits for all growers. We’re always dropping fresh strains, so check back here often to see what’s new!

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Watermelon Gelato Strain: An In-Depth Review
calendar June 20, 2024

The Watermelon Gelato strain is a hybrid of Watermelon Zkittlez and Gelato 45, two powerhouse strains that bring their own distinct qualities to the mix. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the genetic background, aroma, flavor, appearance, effects, medicinal benefits, and cultivation tips for Watermelon Gelato. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or a novice grower, this powerful cultivar from LIT Farms promises to deliver an unforgettable experience. Genetic Background: The Parent Strains Watermelon Zkittlez Watermelon Zkittlez is a hybrid strain known for its intense fruity flavor and balanced effects. It is a cross between Zkittlez and Watermelon, resulting in a flavor profile that is reminiscent of juicy watermelon with a candy-like sweetness. Watermelon Zkittlez typically offers a balanced high that combines the uplifting and creative effects of a sativa with the relaxing and calming effects of an indica....

Fairfax Four-Way Strain: The Ultimate Guide
calendar June 19, 2024

Introduction to the Fairfax Four-Way Strain The Fairfax Four-Way strain has quickly gained popularity among cannabis enthusiasts for its unique blend of effects and flavors. This Indica-dominant hybrid, known for its relaxing effects and rich flavor, has become a staple in many cannabis communities. Whether you're a seasoned user or new to the world of cannabis, understanding the intricacies of Fairfax Four-Way can enhance your experience and appreciation for this remarkable plant. History and Origins of Fairfax Four-Way The Fairfax Four-Way strain was first featured by the renowned breeders at Sensi Seeds in the 1980s and relaunched in the mid-1990s. The cultivar gets its name from its lineage—a four-way hybrid that brings together classic and landrace genetics.  Genetics of the Fairfax Four-Way Strain Fairfax Four-Way boasts a complex genetic profile, resulting from the careful blending of Afghani, Pakistani, Indian, and...

How To Grow Cannabis in a Greenhouse: A Complete Guide
calendar June 18, 2024

Growing cannabis in a greenhouse offers the best of both indoor and outdoor cultivation methods, allowing you to harness natural sunlight while controlling environmental conditions. Greenhouses provide a protected environment that can extend the growing season, improve plant health, and increase yields. This comprehensive guide will take you through every step of growing cannabis in a greenhouse, from choosing the right structure to harvesting and curing your crop. Benefits of Greenhouse Cultivation Before diving into the specifics of greenhouse growing, it's important to understand the benefits this method offers: Controlled Environment Greenhouses allow you to control temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors more effectively than outdoor growing. This control helps prevent common issues like mold, pests, and extreme weather damage. For example, shade cloths and ventilation systems can prevent heat stress, while heaters can protect plants from unexpected frosts. Extended...

White Cherry Strain Review and Information
calendar June 17, 2024

The cannabis world is full of hybrid strains, each offering a unique experience for connoisseurs and casual users alike. One such cultivar that has been gaining attention is the White Cherry strain, also known as White Cherry OG. This potent and flavorful hybrid is the offspring of two renowned strains: Cherry OG and The White. In this comprehensive review, we'll delve into the genetic background, aroma, flavor, appearance, effects, and cultivation of White Cherry. Whether you're a grower looking for a new strain to add to your garden or a consumer seeking a memorable experience, White Cherry promises to deliver on all fronts. Genetic Background: Cherry OG and The White To understand what makes White Cherry special, we first need to explore its parent strains: Cherry OG and The White. Cherry OG Cherry OG is a well-loved hybrid that combines...

How To Foliar Feed Cannabis Plants: A Complete Guide
calendar June 17, 2024

Foliar feeding is an essential technique for cannabis growers looking to maximize their plants’ health and yield. By applying nutrients directly to the leaves, growers can address deficiencies quickly and efficiently. This method provides a rapid nutrient boost and is especially beneficial during critical growth stages. In this guide, we will explore the fundamentals of foliar feeding cannabis plants, its benefits, the ideal times for application, and best practices to ensure optimal results. Understanding Foliar Feeding Foliar feeding involves spraying a nutrient solution directly onto the leaves of cannabis plants. This method allows the plant to absorb nutrients through its stomata, the tiny openings on the leaf surface, bypassing the root system. This direct absorption can lead to faster nutrient uptake compared to soil or hydroponic feeding. Benefits of Foliar Feeding Quick Nutrient Absorption: Since the nutrients are applied directly...

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Elevate your grow and enjoy your best harvest yet with our wide selection of feminized cannabis seeds. These seeds are specially bred to produce all-female plants. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert cultivator, feminized seeds will save you time and money while maximizing the yield of your garden. Secure a bountiful harvest of top-shelf buds, free from any pesky male plants or seeds.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Our regular cannabis seeds are the perfect choice for breeders and pheno hunters alike. These dioecious seeds produce both male and female plants, giving you the opportunity to preserve your favorite strains or create your very own one-of-a-kind hybrids. Embrace tradition and make your own magic with our premium regular cannabis seeds!

Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Simplify your grow and enjoy quick and easy harvests with our collection of high-quality autoflower cannabis seeds. Autoflowering strains produce frosty, flavorful, and potent buds regardless of the light cycle. Whether you’re looking for compact, easy-to-grow plants or just want a quick bumper crop, our autoflower seeds will do the trick.

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At the heart of is our passion for diversity and innovation in cannabis genetics. Each of our 70+ breeders brings something unique to the table, focusing on specific traits and the pursuit of genetic preservation. Our breeders’ choice of distinctive male plants for breeding is what makes our collection unparalleled, offering an extensive variety of cannabis seeds to our esteemed customers.

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The field is far and wide when collecting the highest quality, breeder-certified cannabis seeds, and genetics. With over 1,000 strains in stock, Seeds Here Now has the best selection of regular, feminized, and auto flower seeds for your collection. With over 12 years as the industry leader and the best place to buy seeds online, some strains have sold more than others. Check out what other people thought was interesting.

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