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Mastering the Art of Hybridization in Cannabis Breeding
calendar November 28, 2023

With the increasing demand for unique and high-quality cannabis strains, breeders are constantly experimenting with new techniques to create the perfect plants. One of the most important and complex techniques is hybridization in cannabis breeding. By combining the genetic traits of two different strains, breeders can create new hybrid strains with unique characteristics. The art of hybridization is crucial for breeders looking to achieve their desired results. It requires a deep understanding of cannabis genetics, careful selection of parent plants, and the ability to control the breeding process. Mastery of this technique can lead to the creation of highly sought-after strains that stand out in a crowded market. Key Takeaways Hybridization is an important technique in cannabis breeding that enables the creation of unique and desirable strains Mastering the art of hybridization requires a deep understanding of cannabis genetics and...

Experience the Uniqueness of the Devil Driver Strain (Melonade x Sundae Driver)
calendar November 28, 2023

Get ready to discover a cannabis strain like no other: Devil Driver. This hybrid from Tiki Madman combines the exceptional qualities of its parent strains, Melonade and Sundae Driver, resulting in a unique and unforgettable experience. If you're looking for something new and exciting, the Devil Driver strain is definitely a strain you should try. Boasting a complex flavor profile and a balance of uplifting and relaxing effects, Devil Driver has quickly become a favorite amongst cannabis enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or new to the game, this strain is sure to impress. Key Takeaways: Devil Driver is a hybrid strain created by crossing Melonade and Sundae Driver It offers a unique flavor profile and a balance of uplifting and relaxing effects Devil Driver is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation The strain is reported to have potential therapeutic...

Explore the Truffle Cake Strain (Gorilla Butter F2 x Pancakes)
calendar November 28, 2023

Welcome to the world of Truffle Cake a highly sought-after cannabis strain that has taken the industry by storm. This exceptional hybrid strain is the result of crossing Gorilla Butter F2 with Pancakes, resulting in a unique and unforgettable sensory experience. In this strain review, we'll dive into the origins of Truffle Cake and explore its flavors, effects, and growing methods. Whether you're a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or a curious beginner, the Truffle Cake strain deserves your attention. Key Takeaways: Truffle Cake is a hybrid cannabis strain created by crossing Gorilla Butter F2 with Pancakes Truffle Cake is known for its unique blend of flavors and potent effects The origins of Truffle Cake can be traced back to its parent strains, Gorilla Butter F2 and Pancakes Truffle Cake offers a one-of-a-kind sensory experience with its decadent flavors and enticing aromas...

Discover the Blue Runtz Strain (Blueberry X White Runtz)
calendar November 27, 2023

If you're a cannabis user who loves sweet flavors, get ready to discover the unique genetics of the Blue Runtz strain. This cultivar combines two popular strains, Blueberry and White Runtz, to create an exceptional cannabis experience. If you're looking for a new and exciting strain to try, Blue Runtz might be just what you need! Key Takeaways: Blue Runtz is a unique blend of Blueberry and White Runtz strains This strain offers a distinct flavor and aroma profile, making it a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts Blue Runtz has potent effects that can enhance your cannabis experience It's considered a premium-quality strain, appealing to both recreational and medicinal users Blue Runtz is a sought-after strain in the cannabis market, and it's essential to ensure you buy authentic products from reputable sources Blue Runtz Strain: A Fusion of Blueberry and White...

The Ultimate Apple Tart Strain Review (Apple Fritter X Runtz)
calendar November 27, 2023

Are you on the hunt for a delicious new cannabis strain to try? Look no further than the Apple Tart strain, an exciting blend of Apple Fritter and Runtz. This unique hybrid variety offers an unparalleled experience with its exceptional flavor profile and soothing effects. Whether you're a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or a beginner, Apple Tart promises a satisfying experience that you won't soon forget. Get ready to immerse yourself in a tantalizing aroma and taste that only the Apple Tart strain can offer. The harmonious blend of sweet apple, cinnamon, and fruity candy-like flavors is challenging to resist, making Apple Tart a favorite choice among cannabis connoisseurs. But it's not just the taste that sets the Apple Tart strain apart. This hybrid strain delivers a potent high that combines mental clarity with physical relaxation, making it an excellent choice for recreational...

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Welcome to our seed bank, where you’ll find the best marijuana seeds for sale. Shop our collection of feminized and autoflower cannabis strains from the most trusted seed bank in the United States. Since our humble beginnings in 2010 as WASeedBank.com in Washington State, we have expanded our offerings to include 70+ breeders and over 3,500 strains, with 1,250+ strains readily available in stock.


Our founder, James Bean, has spent the past 12 years attending hundreds of trade shows across the United States, enabling him to establish connections with some of the most renowned seed breeders in the business. Many of these breeders have become not only trusted partners but also friends (see our photo gallery for images of James with his friends at our booths).


We take pride in offering a diverse selection of cannabis strains, as each breeder focuses on different traits and reasons for creating their genetic preservation kits. The key to variety lies in the male plants used in the breeding process, with all seventy of our breeders utilizing a unique male. This ensures that we provide a wide array of options for our customers.


Our commitment to supporting the original creators of these strains is unwavering. We guarantee certified, clean, and authentic genetics when you shop with us. Explore our collection of leading seed breeders from around the world by clicking the button below, and experience the unparalleled quality of the best USA seed bank.

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The field is far and wide when collecting the highest quality, breeder-certified seeds, and genetics. With over 1,000 strains in stock, Seeds Here Now has the best selection of regular, feminized, and auto flower seeds for your collection. With over 12 years as the industry leader and the best place to buy seeds online, some strains have sold more than others. Check out what other people thought was interesting.

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