CSI Humboldt – Ruthless Runtz S1 {FEM} [7pk]

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  • CSI Humboldt – Ruthless Runtz S1 {FEM} [7pk]
  • Lineage: Ruthless Runtz x Ruthless Runtz
  • Category: Feminized Seeds
  • Seed Count: 7 Seeds
  • Ruthless Runtz S1 enchants with its dazzling display of colorful, sugar-coated buds that sparkle with a spectrum of blue, green, and purple hues. The aroma is sweetly intoxicating, blending notes of tropical fruit with a candy-like sweetness that is almost tantalizing. This strain is masterfully crafted by CSI Humboldt, showcasing their flair for combining visually stunning and deliciously aromatic cannabis. The self-pollinated first generation of Ruthless Runtz encapsulates all the delightful characteristics of the original, known for its candy-sweet profile and eye-catching coloration. This strain is a hit among those who favor sweet, dessert-like flavors in their cannabis, providing both a treat for the eyes and the palate. Make sure to grab this flavorful and visually appealing strain!


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Breeder Certified Genetics

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CSI Humboldt – Ruthless Runtz S1

Ruthless Runtz x Ruthless Runtz

7 Feminized Seeds Per Pack

Ruthless Runtz S1 Strain

Ruthless Runtz S1: Revel in Ruthless Rapture

Welcome to the world of Ruthless Runtz S1, a strain that demands attention and enthralls the senses. A self-cross of the formidable Ruthless Runtz, this strain offers an amplified version of its predecessor’s remarkable traits.

Ruthless Runtz, lauded for its rich, fruity flavor and intense, uplifting high, gives birth to Ruthless Runtz S1. This progeny, carrying the essence of its parent, promises an impactful and unique cannabis experience.

A Ruthless Array of Terpenes and Aromas

Unleashing the terpene profile of Ruthless Runtz S1 is akin to opening a box of luxurious, gourmet candies. A vibrant mixture of sweet, fruity flavors fills the air, reminiscent of sugar-coated candies that evoke childhood memories.

An Uplifting High to Rule the Roost

The first draw of Ruthless Runtz S1 takes you on a sweet ride, with its flavors of ripe fruits and candy. This sweet symphony sets the stage for the high – a rush of euphoria that swiftly uplifts the spirit and clears the mind, followed by a gentle body relaxation that does not sedate but instead, leaves you feeling at ease.

Strains Sharing the Ruthless Quality

If the bold character and sweetness of Ruthless Runtz S1 resonates with you, you might find joy in the fruit-filled bliss of Fruity Pebbles, the invigorating freshness of Lemon Haze, or the balanced high of Girl Scout Cookies.

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  • Yield: low
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