Regular Autoflower Seeds

Regular autoflower seeds begin budding regardless of the light cycle, making it quick and easy to grow top-shelf cannabis. Unlike feminized auto seeds, our regular autoflowering seeds produce both male and female plants, so you can breed them and make your own unique marijuana strains.

The Advantages Of Our Regular Autoflowering Seeds

There’s no perfect, cookie-cutter solution when it comes to growing premium quality cannabis. Everyone has different preferences and favorite strains, so SeedsHereNow caters to all types of cannabis growers. This includes those planning for a first-time growing season as well as large-scale dispensaries and growers with extensive experience growing and harvesting top-quality cannabis wherever they’re located across the world.

We offer a wide range of different types of stains as well as different options in seeds. For those looking for a lower-maintenance type of cannabis, we offer our regular autoflowering seeds. If you’re new to the world of growing cannabis, please allow us the opportunity to provide you with a free education on the essential basics of autoflower weed seeds.

Working with Regular Autoflowering Seeds

The main advantage of using autoflower weed seeds is the natural growth of the plant to produce flowering in a specific time period, regardless of the light schedule. To produce flowers on regular cannabis seeds, the light and dark schedule must be adjusted to trigger the female plant to flower.

Choosing regular autoflower seeds allows for greater yield and efficiency while reducing the need for control over lighting cycles when grown indoors or planted outdoors. These are also strains that are more resilient to common issues such as fungus, pests, and sensitivity to changes in moisture levels. The problems can often lead to seed failure if they are not rapidly addressed by the grower.

As with all regular cannabis seeds, these seeds will produce a mixture of both male and female plants. Buying regular autoflower seeds for USA recreational or medical marijuana allows the grower to pollinate plants and harvest their own seeds from a portion of the grow. It also provides the necessary plants to create a custom hybrid that is a unique signature strain for your brand or personal use. It’s an easy and fast way to grow top-shelf cannabis that makes it easy for new growers to achieve success in their very first attempts at growing marijuana.

In addition to our cannabis seed expertise, our seed bank boasts breeder-certified genetics, fast and discreet cannabis seed shipping, and loyalty program points for registered buyers.

If you have questions about our regular autoflowering seeds, such as the critical differences between autoflower Vs feminized cannabis seeds, reach out to the team at SeedsHereNow. We are available online, or call us at 844-MY-SEEDS (844-697-3337).