“MzJill Genetics is one of the most celebrated ultra-premium seed companies, across the world. It is eponymously named after its founder, MzJill, who High Times dubbed “a superstar breeder and tireless cannabis advocate.” She boasts over 20 years of experience sourcing, curating, and cultivating the finest quality, small batch, medicinal cannabis seeds.
Everything MzJill Genetics’ team does is centered on breeding distinctive, innovative, and boundary-pushing medicine. It prides itself on seeds that offer a consistently seamless, successful, and superior growing experience. From the instant you germinate one of its seeds, add them to your seed vault, or both, MzJill Genetics views you as a living extension of its tangible legacy and family. As family, its doors are always open for advice, information, or even just to say hi!
Also, beyond enriching cannabis’ biodiversity by cultivating best-in-class seeds, MzJill Genetics is committed to making a difference in the lives of some of the most vulnerable populations. The seed company supports numerous causes and donates proceeds of sales to, among other initiatives, veterans’ healthcare, charities focused on empowering women, and its holiday drives.
Rooted in you,
MzJill, Jed, and the MzJill Genetics Team“
“Brian Berry was named to honor my friend, Brian Damewood, who lost his battle with ALS. He was able to smoke the first harvest from his tribute strain two days before he passed.We hope to bring awareness to Lou Gehrig Disease (ALS) with the unique name of this strain”
Lineage of strains used to make the 8 strains we offer in the Brian Berry Line.Brian Citrus Berry -Tangieland x Brian Berry CoughBrian Berry Surprise-Tangie Banana Surprise x Lemon Sour Diesel x Brian Berry CoughBrian Berry Cough-Strawberry Cough (Kyle Kushman clone) x Space Queen

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