Mz Jill Genetics – Jilly Bean Bubblegum {FEM} [6pk]

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Mz Jill Genetics – Jilly Bean Bubblegum


Indiana Bubblegum x Jilly Bean


6 Feminized Seeds Per Pack


High Times Top Ten (2007), High Times Best Sativa (2014), The Adam Dunn Show Invitational (ADSI) 1st Place (2018).


Sweet pink bubblegum, with undertones of candied citrus.

She tastes just like a bowl full of bubblegum jelly beans with a few orange & pineapple jelly beans added in.

She is a medium to tall plant. Her foliage can range from bright green to many shades of burgundy to almost black. She has medium to large spear spaded resinous buds with orange hair, sometimes the buds will also take on shades of burgundy to purple.

She has a euphoric, happy, bubbly, uplifting giggly high. She is said to make a great aphrodisiac Good for light pain easing menstrual cramps. She is amazing for PTSD, depression, anxiety and stress. May relieve ADD, ADHD and schizophrenia.


Product Title:

Mz Jill Genetics – Jilly Bean Bubblegum Cannabis Seeds


Product Short Description:

Jilly Bean Bubblegum seamlessly blends the iconic sweetness of Indiana Bubblegum with the energetic buzz of Jilly Bean, leading to an uplifting high and mouthwatering flavor.


Product Detailed Description:


Presenting Jilly Bean Bubblegum, a harmonious fusion crafted by Mz Jill Genetics. With the marriage of Indiana Bubblegum’s sugary essence and Jilly Bean’s zesty vibrancy, this strain is sure to tantalize both novice and connoisseur palettes alike.


Strain Details:
From the first whiff to the final exhale, Jilly Bean Bubblegum immerses users in an orchestra of flavors. Notes of sweet bubblegum from its Indiana parentage are beautifully counteracted by the citrusy punch of Jilly Bean, creating a refreshing blend.


Growing Information:
Offering moderate growth difficulty, Jilly Bean Bubblegum thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments. With a flowering window of 8-10 weeks, cultivators can expect bountiful harvests of resin-coated buds.


Effects and Flavor Profile:
Be prepared for an invigorating experience with Jilly Bean Bubblegum. The strain ushers in an uplifting, cerebral high, accompanied by waves of creativity and euphoria. As the high progresses, users might find themselves settling into a calm, relaxed state.


Where to Buy?
Get ready to chew on the luscious flavors of Jilly Bean Bubblegum. Grab your seeds now at, your trusted partner for premium cannabis genetics.


Relish the bubbly goodness of Jilly Bean Bubblegum. Order today at! 🍬🍊 “Bubblegum and zest in every toke!” – Cannabis Aficionado.

  • Yield: low

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