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Heavy Dayze Genetics – Octavian

Hoodoo x Raspberry Mumma Queen

8 Feminized Seeds Per Pack

– Duke Diamond helped me start in the industry, so it feels both full circle and appropriate to do a fun collab with his work. The Hoodoo cut I used for Octavian comes from my buddy Solocup_or_die who found a special lady. Gas, but unlike others. Ethereal, sweet acetone, and ethyl acetate come to mind. Imagine walking past a hybrid nail salon-gas station; that’s this girl. Octavian phones will mostly go nine weeks, with an oddball going quicker here and there. Look for the more minor to moderate-size leaf phenotypes, as you can expect fruity acetone cleaner perfume, esters, and octane mixed. A real crowd-pleaser with a potent indica high.

🌱 Octavian Strain by Heavy Dayze Genetics: A Regal Origin

Welcome to the intriguing world of the Octavian strain, a true prodigy of Heavy Dayze Genetics. The birth of this cannabis royalty is a testament to exceptional breeding skills, encapsulating the potent lineage of Hoodoo and Raspberry Mumma Queen.

I bring you the chronicle of its origin, a story that starts with the exceptional Hoodoo strain. Known for its enticing balance of cerebral invigoration and full-body relaxation, Hoodoo indeed laid the foundation for the creation of Octavian.

Mated with Hoodoo is the illustrious Raspberry Mumma Queen. This strain, with its outstanding fruity aroma, has established itself as a crowd favorite. Its potent, euphoric effects are like no other, creating a harmonious blend of flavor and influence.

The intersection of these two strains is where Octavian was born. It wasn’t just a random coupling but a meticulously calculated one. Octavian, much like its name, reigns supreme, carrying forward the legacy of its parents while creating an identity of its own.

πŸ‘ƒ Octavian Strain: A Symphony of Terpenes and Aromas

Moving forward, I want you to envisage the rich tapestry of Octavian’s terpene profile. Each bud unfurls a symphony of scents and flavors that’ll sweep you off your feet. When you pop open a bag of Octavian, it’s as if you’re plunging into a universe of tantalizing aromas.

The first note that hits your senses is the enticing scent of ripe raspberries, a tribute to its Raspberry Mumma Queen parentage. It’s like walking through an orchard on a warm summer’s day, the sweet and tangy aroma permeating the air.

Following close behind is the earthy musk of Hoodoo. It grounds the sweetness of Raspberry Mumma Queen, creating a balance of flavors that’s more addictive than you could imagine. On occasions, you might even notice a hint of spice, a subtle nod to the complexity of this strain.

πŸ”₯ Octavian Strain: A Smoking Experience Par Excellence

What about the smoking experience, you might ask? Well, I guarantee it’s nothing short of spectacular. As you inhale, Octavian engulfs your senses, a soft cloud of sweet and earthy smoke that glides effortlessly down your throat.

The initial high is a blissful cerebral buzz, reminiscent of the Hoodoo lineage. This quickly melds into a body-melting relaxation, an obvious influence of Raspberry Mumma Queen. It’s as if you’re swimming in a sea of tranquility, each wave washing over you with unparalleled relief.

πŸ‘ If You Love Octavian, You’ll Adore…

If you find yourself enraptured by the Octavian strain, there are few others you might also appreciate. Give a try to the Hoodoo and Raspberry Mumma Queen strains, the progenitors of Octavian themselves. Each strain offers a unique experience, worth exploring for any cannabis connoisseur.

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