Fat Bastard Strain Review: A Hefty Hybrid Delight

Fat Bastard Strain Review: A Hefty Hybrid Delight

Introduction to the Fat Bastard Strain 

The Fat Bastard Strain is a compelling hybrid that marries the robust genetics of Goldmember and Monkeyspunk, creating a powerhouse of flavor and effects. This strain is renowned for its distinctive aroma profile, which combines earthy, diesel notes with a hint of sour skunk, making it a favorite among those who appreciate a pungent, impactful scent and flavor. Bred to provide a balanced experience, Fat Bastard offers a blend of relaxing and euphoric effects, which makes it suitable for both recreational and medicinal use.

Key Takeaways

  • Rich Aromatic Profile: Known for its strong, pungent aroma blending diesel and skunky notes.
  • Balanced Effects: Offers a unique mix of relaxation and euphoria, suitable for evening use.
  • Adaptable Cultivation: Shows robust growth both indoors and outdoors, adapting to various growing techniques.

Strain Overview


Fat Bastard produces dense, resinous buds that are covered in a sticky layer of trichomes, indicative of its potential for high resin production. The buds are typically dark green with occasional hints of purple, making them visually striking. This strain’s robust structure supports heavy buds well, making it a good choice for growers looking for a strain that combines visual appeal with high yield potential.

Breeder Information

Monkey Genetics, the breeder behind Fat Bastard, has a reputation for creating strains that are not only potent and flavorful but also versatile and easy to grow. This strain has been carefully developed to enhance the genetic strengths of both parent strains, ensuring a robust and resilient plant that can thrive in a variety of environments.

Fat Bastard Strain

Origins of the Fat Bastard Strain

History of the Strain

Fat Bastard was reportedly developed to create a strain with a unique flavor profile and versatile effects, making it appealing to a broad audience. The name “Fat Bastard” itself is said to have been inspired by its robust and bulky bud structure, which stands out in any garden.

Genetic Lineage 

Goldmember, one of the parent strains, is known for its uplifting and creative effects, while Monkeyspunk is revered for its potent body high and deep relaxation qualities. Together, these parent strains provide Fat Bastard with a well-rounded set of effects that are both cerebral and physically soothing.

Aroma, Flavor, and Terpene Profile

The aroma of Fat Bastard is dominantly diesel and skunky, with an undercurrent of earthiness that adds depth to its profile. These strong olfactory notes are mirrored in its flavor, which is equally pungent with a slightly sour, spicy finish. The presence of terpenes like pinene, limonene, and humulene not only contributes to its distinctive smell and taste but also to its therapeutic properties, which include anti-inflammatory and mood-enhancing effects.

Effects and Benefits of the Fat Bastard Strain

The Fat Bastard Strain stands out for its balanced hybrid effects, which make it an excellent choice for both recreational users and medical patients seeking relief from a variety of symptoms.

THC and CBD Content

Fat Bastard typically features a THC content that is less than 20 percent, making it a moderate potency strain ideal for users looking for a manageable yet effective experience. This level of THC provides a pleasant high that is not overwhelmingly intense, suitable for enjoying during the evening or on a relaxed day. The strain’s CBD content is relatively low, aligning with its breeding focus on achieving a balanced THC-driven experience.

Potential Side Effects

As with many cannabis strains, potential side effects of Fat Bastard include dry mouth and eyes, which are common and easily mitigated through hydration and over-the-counter eye drops. Some users may also experience mild paranoia or anxiety at higher doses due to its THC content, so it’s advisable to consume this strain in moderation, especially for those who are sensitive to THC or less experienced with cannabis.

Bud and Plant Structure

Fat Bastard is known for its robust plant structure, characterized by sturdy stems and dense foliage. The buds are typically large and chunky, heavily coated in trichomes which give them a sticky, resinous texture that is highly valued by both growers and consumers.

Advanced Cultivation Techniques for the Fat Bastard Strain

Cultivating the Fat Bastard Strain can be a rewarding experience for both novice and experienced growers alike. Here are some advanced cultivation techniques that can help maximize the potential of this unique strain:

Advanced Lighting Strategies

Fat Bastard benefits greatly from precise lighting control. Utilizing LED lights with adjustable spectrums can be particularly beneficial. During the vegetative phase, a light spectrum rich in blue light helps promote vigorous growth, while switching to a red-heavy spectrum during flowering can encourage the development of dense, resinous buds. Implementing a light schedule that mimics natural sunlight by gradually increasing and then decreasing the hours of light over the course of the grow cycle can also stimulate healthier growth patterns and increase yield.

CO2 Supplementation

Introducing CO2 into the grow environment can significantly boost the photosynthesis process, particularly when combined with optimal lighting. CO2 levels of 700 to 1500 ppm above ambient air levels can increase plant growth rates and ultimately the yield. However, this technique should be used cautiously as excessive CO2 can be detrimental, and it requires a sealed environment to be effective.

Temperature and Humidity Optimization

For Fat Bastard, maintaining the right temperature and humidity is crucial:

  • Vegetative Stage: Aim for temperatures of 70-85°F (21-29°C) during the day and slightly cooler at night. Humidity levels should be kept around 40-60% to support healthy vegetative growth.
  • Flowering Stage: Reduce humidity to 40-50% to prevent mold and bud rot, particularly as the dense buds of Fat Bastard can trap moisture. Nighttime temperatures should be a few degrees cooler than daytime to mimic natural conditions, which can enhance terpene production and improve bud quality.

Soil and Hydroponics

Fat Bastard can thrive in both soil and hydroponic setups. Soil may enhance the flavor profiles due to the complex interactions between organic compounds and the plant roots. On the other hand, hydroponics can provide faster growth rates and potentially higher yields if managed correctly, as nutrients are more readily available to the plant.

Stress Training Techniques

Applying certain stress training techniques can significantly improve the yield of Fat Bastard. Techniques such as topping or fimming encourage the plant to grow more laterally, creating more bud sites. Low-stress training (LST), such as bending and tying down branches, can also increase exposure to light, which is especially beneficial in dense canopies.

Fat Bastard Weed

Ideal Consumption Methods

Given its unique flavor profile and balanced effects, Fat Bastard is ideally consumed through methods that allow for a full appreciation of its aroma and taste. Vaporizing is recommended as it allows for the flavors to come through cleanly and intensely without combustion byproducts. Traditional smoking methods can also be enjoyable, especially when using water pipes or bongs which can help cool the smoke, making it smoother on the throat.

For those interested in a more potent and longer-lasting effect, Fat Bastard can also be used to make high-quality cannabis concentrates such as hash or oil, which can be consumed via dabbing.

Detailed Consumer Reviews of the Fat Bastard Strain

Consumer feedback often provides insightful details about a strain’s effects and usability. Here’s what users typically report about the Fat Bastard Strain:

Effects and Experiences

  • Balanced High: Many users appreciate the balanced effects of Fat Bastard, which provide both mental uplift and physical relaxation without being overly sedating. This makes it suitable for use during late afternoons and evenings.
  • Mood Enhancement: Consumers often report feeling more cheerful and relaxed after using Fat Bastard, making it a favorite among those dealing with stress or depression.
  • Physical Comfort: Medical users particularly value its ability to alleviate chronic pain, muscle spasms, and tension without the intense lethargy associated with higher THC strains.

Flavor and Aroma

  • Complex Aroma: The pungent diesel and skunky notes combined with an earthy base are frequently highlighted in reviews. Users enjoy the strong, robust aroma that is typical of Fat Bastard.
  • Taste Profile: The flavor is similar to its smell, with an added spicy and sour note that makes it quite memorable and enjoyable for those who favor strong-tasting strains.

Overall Satisfaction

  • Highly Rated: Fat Bastard is generally highly rated for both recreational and medicinal use. Its unique genetic background provides a distinctive experience that stands out in the crowded cannabis market.
  • Grower Feedback: Growers often comment on the ease of cultivation and the robustness of the strain under various conditions, making it a reliable choice for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Fat Bastard Strain Review: Conclusion

Fat Bastard is a versatile strain that offers a balanced set of effects, making it suitable for a wide range of users and uses. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or seeking relief from specific medical symptoms, Fat Bastard provides a robust solution with its unique combination of flavors and effects.

“In the world of gardening, the best plants are those treated not just with nutrients, but with passion.” – James Bean.

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