The Power of Cannabis Seeds: A Game of Genetic Superiority

calendar May 11, 2023
The Power of Cannabis Seeds: A Game of Genetic Superiority

Investing in Genetic Gold: The Undeniable Importance of Cannabis Seeds

Often, I find myself perplexed by the outcry over a $125 price tag for a pack of cannabis seeds. When a basic lightbulb will set you back $100.  In my humble opinion, if there’s one thing worth going overboard on, it’s this. Why, you might ask? Because we are talking about the genetic building blocks of your cannabis business. This unique aspect, when harnessed correctly, can set you apart from the competition and serve as an unreplicable cornerstone of your operations.

A Misunderstanding of Cannabis Seeds

The confusion surrounding cannabis seeds is widespread. When one sows corn or bell pepper seeds, they usually get precisely what they planted – corn or bell peppers. This straightforward correlation results from years of breeding efforts to genetically design these seeds to yield predictable and consistent results. Cannabis is not the same way. It’s a totally different plant. Besides the obvious.

However, cannabis is a different ball game. Cannabis seeds, especially those from the same strain, can exhibit a wide range of genetic and phenotypic variations. Thus, buying a pack of Tangie seeds doesn’t guarantee you the best phenotype of Tangie. You might have a type of Tangie, but it’s likely similar to what everyone else has.

The Intricacies of Cannabis Breeding: A Numbers Game

The cannabis breeding process is essentially a numbers game. The probability of finding a superior phenotype increases with the number of seeds you plant and evaluate. For instance, if you plant 100 seeds instead of just 10, you have a higher chance of finding a unique and outstanding Tangie variant.

Such a standout phenotype might possess a hint of chocolate flavor, mature faster, yield more per light, and have a higher washing percentage. Unfortunately, finding this gem in your first trial is unlikely. Even if you do, you might not recognize its uniqueness because of the limited population sample.

A Winning Strategy: Focus and Differentiation

The trend I’ve noticed among successful cannabis brands is a strategic focus on a few strains combined with a relentless quest for differentiation. Instead of purchasing a variety of strains, these brands invest in multiple packs of a few selected strains. Their goal is to produce something familiar yet unparalleled so customers associate the unique qualities of a strain exclusively with their brand.

Brands like Seed Junky, Compound, Jungle Boys, Deep East, Archive, and Exotic have mastered this approach. They hunt for phenotypes among thousands of plants, selecting and cloning that one superior plant. Yes, others may also purchase the same clone, but then it becomes a competition of execution. The one who grows it better will inevitably stand out.

The Call to Pheno Hunt

In conclusion, the path to cannabis cultivation success lies in the art of pheno hunting. Pop a hundred seeds of a single strain, nurture them, and look for the one that stands out. This process may be time-consuming and costly initially, but it’s the only way to discover that unique, superior phenotype that can set your cannabis business apart.

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James Bean


The Genesis of

In the heart of Kenmore, Washington, a visionary named James Bean planted the seeds of a revolution in 2010. His ambition? To create the preeminent seed bank in the United States. His vehicle? James’ fervor for homegrown cultivation and hobby growers was the spark that ignited this venture, earning him esteem as an industrious and self-effacing force in the sector.

The Perseverance of a Passionate Advocate

Fast-forward to the present day, and James Bean remains as dedicated as ever to his founding mission. His enduring goal is to empower hobby growers and reinforce the homegrown movement by offering an unparalleled assortment of top-tier seeds coupled with stellar customer service. His relentless passion and tenacity have solidified’s status as the primary port of call for both collectors and cultivators seeking the crème de la crème of cannabis seeds in the U.S.A.

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