T.H. Seeds – Bubblegum Bonus Pack {FEM} [7pk]



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TH Seeds – Bubblegum

6 + 1(French Macaron) = 7 Feminized Seeds Per Pack

Bubblegum™ was our first contribution to the seed world in 1993. Over the last decade it has proven, through numerous awards and world wide fame, that this plant is here to stay. We successfully inbred and stabilized this plant for it’s most desirable characteristics, it’s fruity smell, thick lingering flavor and short soldier like stature. Bubblegum™ breeds true, and has been used by many seed companies to produce award winning hybrids, and will make a great cornerstone for your breeding program. This is a true super-plant!

Product Title: Bubblegum Cannabis Seeds Bonus Pack by T.H. Seeds

Product Short Description: A timeless classic reborn! Experience the iconic flavor and joyous effects of T.H. Seeds’ reinvigorated Bubblegum.

Product Detailed Description:


Rediscover the ageless wonder of Bubblegum with T.H. Seeds’ enhanced feminized version. A strain that’s traveled through time, winning hearts and awards, now fine-tuned for the modern grower.

Strain Details:

Bubblegum’s storied history is rich, but its flavor and effects are richer. This strain, tracing back to Indiana and perfected in Holland, is a testament to cannabis craftsmanship.

Growing Information:

Bubblegum thrives in both indoor and outdoor settings, promising bountiful yields within an 8-10 week flowering cycle. This easy-to-grow strain is perfect for both new and experienced cultivators.

Effects and Flavor Profile:

Expect a wave of euphoria, followed by a gentle relaxation. Bubblegum’s distinct sweet flavor remains a favorite for its perfect blend of sugary goodness and subtle fruity undertones.

Where in the US to buy cannabis seeds:

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Concluding Thought: “Growing Bubblegum is like revisiting an old friend; you’re reminded why you loved it so much in the first place.” ~ Unknown

  • Flower Time: 8-10 weeks days
  • Yield: low
  • Flavor/Terpene Makeup: Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene
  • Effects: Uplifting, Euphoric, Relaxed
  • Grow Tips:
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