Indian Landrace Exchange – Nepal Panauti {REG} [10pk]


  • Indian Landrace Exchange - Nepal Panauti {REG} [10pk]


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Indian Landrace Exchange – Nepal Panauti

10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Panauti is Village situated at the Confluence of two Holy rivers known as Rosi and Punyamati. It is Located at Province°3 , Kavrepalanchowk District in Nepal. Globally it’s at Lat 27.35°N 85.31°E. The Village’s Floor Elevation is approximately 1300-1500 Meters from the sea Level. Panauti is a Holy place including a number of Buddhist and HINDU temples. In fact Panauti used to be a trading hub along the ancient Salt Trade route between Tibet and India.

In order to reach the Village One can travel from Kathmandu city to Kavrepalanchowk and Take a taxi up to the Village which is approximately 45 kms from the Capital. Kathmandu in itself is a Highland city which supports a warm climate but with added Humidity from the concentrated populations. The surrounding mountains though are a different story as they span with lesser human populations and mostly evergreen deciduous vegetation.

The climate is warm and temperate with a heavy rains concentrated around the summers and winters much drier towards the Highlands with an Avg. Temperature range of 22 to 9 ° Celsius. Most of the panauti village farms cannabis (drug type variety) which produces a Medium-long flowering (approximately 12 – 14 weeks) expression that resembles the typical himalayan hash plants generally found at altitudes over 1500 meters and such. Although there are many noticeable distinctions amongst these varieties growing here in nepal highlands in comparison to Northern indian Highlands. The propensity towards expressing colors during the flowering is much higher around nepal and many plants can be seen expressing a plethora of hues later in the flowering cycle.

The flowers or buds seems to be much more dense compared to other highland varieties with copious trichome coverage visible to naked eyes. The resin has the characteristic sticky texture which is typical of subtropical highland varieties. The general base smell in the population is minty/eucalyptus which is omnipresent along with various subtle complexes of raw mango, earthy, floral and spices (green chilly). It also translates beautifully into a mouth coating taste which is dominated by earthy, bitter eucalyptus and minty.

Nepali highland varieties are generally known for a balanced to a very active-cerebral, uplifting, warm and a fuzzy high. And that’s exactly how this particular variety makes one feel. It blankets the user in a warm fuzzy high while keeping very alert and uplifted/motivated to get through the task at hand. The effects can be characterized by active, uplifting and mood elevating.

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