Ethos Genetics – Original Mandarin Cookies {FEM} [5pk]

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Breeder Certified Genetics

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Ethos Genetics – Original Mandarin Cookies {FEM} [5pk]

Forum Cut Cookies x Mandarin Sunset

Welcome to the world of Ethos Genetics’ Original Mandarin Cookies seeds, a strikingly flavorful strain that captures the imagination with its distinctive blend of aromas and effects. This standout strain is a harmonious blend of Forum Cut Cookies strain and Mandarin Sunset, each contributing its unique qualities to create a truly memorable cannabis experience.

What exactly is Original Mandarin Cookies strain? It’s a strain that blends the superior qualities of its parent strains. Forum Cut Cookies, the mother strain, is celebrated for its well-balanced effects and rich, cookie-like aroma. On the other hand, Mandarin Sunset, the father strain, is revered for its distinct citrus notes and its ability to envelop users in a blanket of tranquility.

The merging of these two strains results in the Original Mandarin Cookies strain, a perfect blend that harmonizes the delightful cookie aroma of the Forum Cut Cookies strain with the tangy notes of the Mandarin Sunset strain. It’s an experience that’s bound to captivate, whether you’re new to cannabis or a seasoned connoisseur.

The terpene profile of the Original Mandarin Cookies strain is undeniably intriguing. It showcases high levels of limonene, lending the strain its signature citrusy aroma, while caryophyllene and myrcene contribute deeper, spicier notes, adding a layer of complexity to the strain’s character.

In terms of aroma, the Original Mandarin Cookies strain paints a vivid picture. The scent is reminiscent of freshly baked cookies mingling with the sharp tang of citrus fruits. It’s an invigorating, nostalgic fragrance that may bring the comfort of home to mind.

The smoke report of the Original Mandarin Cookies strain reveals a harmonious blend of flavors. The inhale delivers a burst of citrusy sweetness, while the exhale reveals subtle notes of cookies, completing a flavorful cycle bound to bring you back for more. is the go-to place for all your Original Mandarin Cookies seed needs. This long-standing seed bank prides itself on its extensive collection and high-quality seeds, making it the top choice for beginners and veteran growers.

Strains related to Original Mandarin Cookies seeds include Mandarin Cookies R3 and Mandarin Dreams, both of which share similar aromatic and flavor profiles, offering an equally enthralling experience.

Notes From The Breeder

Flowering Time: 56-63 Days
Yield: High
TAC: 25-30%

Sharp Grapes
Sweet Citrus
Heavy Chem Dog

Original Mandarin Cookies R1 boasts vigorous growth and chunky, high-calyx flowers—and intoxicating aromas of citrus and gasoline. She’s quickly becoming a legend.

Strong & Vigorous
Chunky & Dense
Thrives Indoors & Outdoors
Pungent Terpenes

Medium-long internodes and chunky, high-calyx flowers.
Vigorous growth!

  • Yield: low

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