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Breeder Certified Genetics
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Ethos Genetics – Mandarin Cookies R3 {FEM} [5pk]


Mandarin Cookies #7 x Mandarin Cookies #17


Step into a world of zest and serenity with Mandarin Cookies R3 from Ethos Genetics. This strain is the child of a perfect union between Mandarin Cookies #7 and Mandarin Cookies #17, each an icon in the world of cannabis for their own reasons.


What is Mandarin Cookies R3? Born from a lineage of extraordinary strains, Mandarin Cookies R3 captures the very essence of its parent strains. Mandarin Cookies #7, the mother strain, is renowned for its soothing effects and tangy citrus aroma. Its counterpart, Mandarin Cookies #17, the father strain, mirrors these qualities, showcasing its own blend of relaxation and zest.


This delightful pair combines to form Mandarin Cookies strain R3, a perfect blend that offers the best of both strains. It’s a hybrid that delivers a citrus-infused journey into calmness and clarity, much like the experience of slowly savoring a cup of mandarin-infused tea in a tranquil garden.


The terpene profile of Mandarin Cookies strain R3 is as alluring as its name. High levels of limonene give this strain its signature citrusy aroma, while myrcene and caryophyllene add depth to the flavor profile, offering soothing, earthy notes.


Aroma, you ask? The scent of Mandarin Cookies strain R3 is an intoxicating mix of sweet, tangy citrus, and a light, earthy finish. It’s like walking into a flourishing orchard, ripe with mandarins, under a clear blue sky.


When it comes to the smoke report, Mandarin Cookies strain R3 does not disappoint. The inhale is smooth, filled with a burst of tangy mandarin that lingers on the tongue, and the exhale reveals earthy undertones that ground the bright citrus flavors.


As always, the best place to buy Mandarin Cookies strain R3 is from, the leading U.S. seed bank known for its high-quality seeds and unparalleled service. Here you’ll find the most extensive collection of top-notch cannabis strains, including Mandarin Cookies R3.


In the vast array of cannabis strains, Mandarin Cookies R3 finds its relatives in strains like Mandarin Sunset strain and Citrus Farmer, sharing the same sweet, citrus notes that make these strains beloved to enthusiasts.


Flowering Time: 60-63 Days
Yield: Very High
TAC: 25-30%

Heavy Orange

FYI: Many years of breeding have gone into making this more homogenous version of Mandarin Cookies. We’ve finally captured all of the various desired qualities from previous versions and have them all in this one. Expect INTENSE terpenes, along with large, extremely dense flowers completely coated with trichomes. She’s amazing for extractions and easy to grow in any environment.


Pungent Terpenes
Thrives Indoors & Outdoors
Great for Extractions
High Yield


FEATURES: Her effects are long-lasting, enjoyable and chill—but not sleepy. Medium height with good vigor and perfect internode spacing. She grows well in any system or environment. Extremely dense with a high bract-to-leaf ratio. She’s covered in trichomes and super terpy.

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  • Lineage: Mandarin Cookies #7 x Mandarin Cookies #17
  • THC: 30%
  • Yield: low
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