Eazy Daze Cultivators – EazyDaze Maui F1 {REG} [11pk]


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Eazy Daze Cultivators – EazyDaze Maui F1

Maui Wowie x Maui Wowie

Flower Cycle: 63-77 days

Yield: Above Average

11 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Maui Wowie is one of the most famous cultivars in the world. Created by the Kanaka Maoli culture on the island of Maui. The legend of Maui Wowie is that It was originally shared with a group of American hippies at a party in the late 1960’s. The flowers were amazing, tasting like nothing the group of hippies have ever had before. As they were enjoying the flowers, the hippies would say “Wow” after trying it. Which soon become the name we know today “Maui Wowie”. This cultivar represents the sharing of cannabis between the Hawaiian and hippy cultures. And is a fantastic representation of how cannabis helped bring together two groups of people. The combination of pine, sweet, and tropical flavors give the Maui Wowie a taste that is one of a kind. This sativa dominant land race Hawaiian cultivar delivers an experience that provides inspiration, relaxation, and an overall uplifting feeling. Our version of this legendary cultivar will flower in about 9 to 11 weeks. A vigorous growing variety, expect large buds that produce a lot of resin and trichomes. A relatively easy cultivar to grow, be sure to flower early in indoor setups as the Maui Wowie can grow up to 10 feet tall outside.


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