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Dominion Seed Company – Screaming Eagle {REG} [13pk]


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Dominion Seed Company – Screaming Eagle

Airborne G13 x “88 G13 Hashplant x Afghani”

Flower Cycle: 58-68 Days

Yield: Above Average

13 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Morphology – Screaming Eagle branches vertically and stretches quite a bit, much like an OG but with stronger branches. She will do great as a scrog plant filling in trellis and stretching into an awesome canopy. Golf ball buds stack up the branches with nice colas on top. Resin production starts early and packs on the entire cycle. The smells range across the intense pine and citrus area and have the slight grape and candy influences in certain phenos to varying degrees. Occasionally the burnt rubber and acrid phenos show.

How Does It Smoke – Fast onset and hard hitting right to the dome and body. Melts away anxiety,body aches and stress within a minute of the first toke. It’s not overly narcotic so you can still accomplish what you need to get done but in a happier chill fashion. Originally bred for folks who¬† suffer from PTSD and anxiety. It helps with a variety of ailments and overall a very medicinal plant. The flavor and smell are very much in the strong pine citrus realm. The smoke has a nice coating effect and lingers after the exhale. This stuff lights up the room like incense and stays around in the air long after its been blazed, so a twofer as an air freshener.

Growing Notes- The eagles stay hungry, so you will want to stay on the heavier side of feeding. Before flower be sure to supplement nitrogen and calcium. During the first half of flower make sure your bloom regimen includes some nitrogen and facilitate calcium on the heavy side during this time. I would recommend staying on the high side of calcium feeding until week 7 and a good mag. boost during week 7 along with a stout pk boost. Introducing an early pk boost and a humic supplement around day 12-14 will make for tighter nodes and a better flower set with reduced stretch.

Stretch Ratio – 3:1

Pest Resistance – 7/10

Mold/Mildew Resistance – 7/10

Stress Resistance Notes – No intersex traits noted through all stress testing.

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