Crickets and Cicadas Seeds – OG Kush x Puck BC1 {REG} [12pk]


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Crickets and Cicadas Seeds –

Strain name – OG x Puck BC1

Lineage – OG Kush  x Puck BC1

Sex – Regular

Seed Count – 12 Regular Seeds

Flower Time – 63-70

Information – OG Kush. The wheel. Tried and tested, still just as relevant as when it first hit the scene in the early 2000s. Earthy Kush, Gas and Lemon are the terps you commonly hear associated with OG and this being the original is no different. With a robust growth pattern that responds well to topping, these seeds will also benefit from their mothers (OG Kush) growth habits.

Responding well to training and topping, these plants take the best of both parents to create medium sized, branchy plants that have 0.75-1x stretch. Unique smells resulting in olfactory sensation and stimulation, Double earthy kush smells with a range of variation on the top notes – OG, Lemon & Pine giving you the ability to find your favourite smelling OG pheno with the added potency and tamed structure From the Puck BC1. If you love OG Kush and want to impress your friends, your going to love this cross

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