Swamp Boys Seeds

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Bred by Cornbread Ricky and Krome
Florida USA
Established 2005


@cornbreadricky and @kromewhite are two cannabis preservationists and breeders from Florida (Va). They were on various online forums back in the day. Together they founded @swampboysseeds

@cornbreadricky is best known for introducing the Triangle Kush and the idea that there was OG Kush floating around Florida in the early 90s to the online forums and the broader cannabis community outside of the central Florida region. This caused...a stir. Nevertheless, time, truth and the TK have proven to be on @cornbreadricky side as the FL origin is generally accepted as fact and the TK is regarded as one of if not the best OG Kush breeding material.

@kromewhite is most closely associated with “The White” which he introduced to the online forums and broader cannabis community. @kromewhite was incredibly generous and gave “The White” to numerous individuals in the online cannabis community widely circulating the cut before he began his own breeding work.

On the @adamdunnshow @cornbreadricky explained his approach to breeding as rooted in his familiarity and experience with the plants that he works with and his ability to draw on this experience to select breeding stock that produces exceptional crosses.

The TK and The White are two truly elite clone-only’s that have been used as breeding material in much of @swampboysseeds gear; these plants have been used by numerous other breeders who have gotten their cuts either directly or indirectly from the swamp boys.

@kromewhite and @cornbreadricky harken back to the old days. They were cropping big all day everyday back in a time and a place when the consequences meant significant jail time. We have them to thank for the countless keepers out there today because of the risks they took day in and day out for decades keeping these plants alive.



  • The White and Triangle Kush