Skunk House Genetics

Latest Drop
Bred by Skunk Master Flex and Respect
Michigan, California USA
Established 2005


Skunkhouse was created by Skunkmasterflex while growing medical cannabis in his home state of Michigan in 2005. Always on the hunt for the killer OG kush like he found in Venice Beach CA he soon realized that there was not a solid representation of OG Kush in Seed form. One of his favorite strains was LarryOG so he set out to make the best possible LarryOG he could in seed form. Using the only OGKush outcross he could find at the time be crossed it to the LarryOG then continuted to back cross it using a male chosen from Hundreds of plants.

Since then Skunkmasterflex has joined forces longtime Forun1 friend RespectOG and have been breeding fire strains that have been shaping the cannabis community for the past 5 years.


  • Founder of the GMO strain
  • Awesome Larry OG F8 male
  • Burger strains - Donny Burger, Han Solo Burger, etc
  • 30%+ THC is possible on all Strains with some phenos exceeding 40% total cannabinoids.
  • 30+ years experience
  • Well-known and Respected Online Forum Contributor