Prana Medical Seeds

Bred by sean_prana
Established 1990s

    “Originally from Manchester in the U.K. I have been breeding Cannabis plants properly for over ten years, however am new to the scene. As well as being head writer for Soft Secrets and author Stoney Tark, I have been able to rub shoulders with the old and new school members of the industry which has heavily influenced by understanding of breeding. My philosophy is open up gene pools and to evolve old school lines with the modern cultivars, producing the most vigorous, terpene rich and productive plants. I have been blessed to work directly with old school Dutch legends who have sent me as much pre 98 stock as possible, which is one reason my gene pool uses the OG Misty. I am personally always searching for something new and believe in offering high grade genetics for a very reasonable price. I specialise in making micro batches of regular seeds that are designed to be used as breeding blocks or for pheno hunting. All of my regular seeds are first generation crosses that will express hybrid vigour and uniformity”



Coming soon

Coming soon

Strain archive

This is a place to showcase the breeder’s past breeding work. If it is marked retired, it will not come back. However, if it’s marked “out of stock,” Sign up for the “out of stock” list, on the product page, and be the first to know when it comes back in.

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