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Jim "James" BOG (Bushy Old Grower) was recalled to the aliens on 12/18/2020. Please read the About section for more information. BOG Had a quadruple bypass on his heart in the late '80s. From then on, he was aware that he could be recalled at any time. So, to provide in his passing, he started to stash away seeds. He would let every season "cure," saving the best of the best beans for when it was time. Each year, trading them out, keeping them fresh, and then vending the beans he saved the previous year. If in a similar position, you'd do the same, and we all know happy quality plants can produce a few beans. He did this for 25 years. It was my pleasure to work with Jim starting in 2014. I met him that year at a dab show at the Cow Palace in San Fransisco. I left that show with my first batch of BOG Gear and some great Sour Bubble hash. I hired BOG in 2019, and he would go on to be the daily moderator of my Online forum. When looking to fill the position, there was no other choice. As a community, we raised 60k for Pat, BOG's wife, through various auctions and many people helping. It was a proud day in my life to have spearheaded that effort. The beans I sell were from the above collection and are the healthiest beans I've ever seen from the brand. I know there is a quantity of these and have promised to keep BOG's price the same as when he was around. Jim Jr., who holds the collection of cuts and pollen, has also requested I make BOG's book, Bonanza Of Green, available for free in the digital version. Click the link below. I appreciate your support. Bonanza Of Green

The aliens come down today…..

And reclaimed one of their own. They reclaimed a legend in the cannabis community. Suppose you were ever on the old forums back in the day. Like I.C. mag, or overgrow, you most likely came across the Bushy Old Grower, Or B.O.G. 

Overgrow was an online forum where people could follow you, but instead of like’s , you would get karma points. Good and bad. This was the early years of the public internet, where people were learning they could search cannabis terms and come back with limited information. Once they went around the forums, they gathered as much information as possible. That’s where bog planted himself. He was a bushy old grower and had free time, and he would spend 20+ hours a week collecting these karma points. He was the #12 sign-up and was awarded the “Grower of the year,” the only time Overgrow offered it. His strain Sour Bubble was also awarded best indica at the 2008 High Times cannabis cup. These accolades led B.O.G. to Teleport internationally. The highlight of his trip comes via the famous German Autobahn and driving Gypsy Nirvana’s Jaguar 156 M.P.H.

To say he was and will be remembered as one of the founding fathers of cannabis is an understatement. The O.G. of O.G.’s gets closer. He pushed the envelope when he didn’t have to. He ran the risks of years and years behind bar’s back then, And in doing so, helped drive the movement to where we are today. 

Some say One of the bushy old grower’s best gifts was that he was able to help and educate people around the world on this plant and how each person could grow it a little better. He spent many hours answering questions and supporting some of today’s best breeders to get their foothold in today’s billion-dollar industry. 

His strains are important genetic pieces that have played a role in some of today’s best-known strains.

Have you ever heard of GG4? Well, that contains a B.O.G. project called “Sour Dub.” 

His lifesaver strain (B.O.G. Bubble x Subcools J.C.B.) people will tell you was a Life Saver. From an Older Veteran to a retired school teacher, many, many people have echoed the praises of its medicinal properties. While we are on lifesaver. One of the B.O.G.’s strains “L.S.D.,” was named by the infamous Rez Dog ( L.ifesaver x S.omas new york city D.iesel) 

B.O.G. did not have 10 -15 new strains per year. He was a genetic preservationist, releasing 

around 13 strains over the span of 45 years. His first grow was in 1974, a few years after he married Pat, aka Mrs. B.O.G. If you knew Jim, you knew Pat. They were the definition of a “Mom and Pop” business. B.O.G.s other popular strains not mentioned include 

Blue Kush, Blue Moon Rocks, B.O.G. Bubble, BoggleGum, Sour BluTooth, Sour Boggle, Sour Bubble, Sour Grape, Sour Lifesaver, Sour Strawberry, Sweet Cindy.

I was asked to write this just the other day to help explain to the younger generation who bog was. I finally figured out how. Did you ever have that really humble grow buddy that would help you progress in growing but wasn’t condescending, or Mr know it all about it? You could always ask him anything, and he would take the time to tell you or explain it further. Well, that was B.O.G.

The next time your go outside, and you are pretty sure you just saw an asteroid on an alien ship, not to worry, it was B.O.G. on his way to another planet to battle

Science will tell you that bog passed away on 12/18/2020 due to conditions similar to the Quadruple Bi-Pass he suffered 26 years prior. However, I believe that B.O.G. was recalled to help battle the evil chads and their deadly H.L.V.D. virus. 

Here are just the strains if that’s better

Blue Kush

Blue Moon Rocks

B.O.G. Bubble




Sour BluTooth

Sour Boggle

Sour Bubble

Sour Grape

Sour Lifesaver

Sour Strawberry

Sweet Cindy

Bog Seeds is a Mom and Pop operation started in the year 2000. As High School Sweethearts we shared a love for the Cannabis. After our marriage in 1972 we spent many years growing medicine for ourselves, family and friends. In the 70’s we were one of the first to have an Indoor Grow. In 2005, we published a Book titled “Bonanza of Green” on Indoor Growing with continuous production.

When OverGrow.com came online in 1999 BushyOldGrower (BOG) was #12 in the sign up list. BOG made himself known by posting beautiful pics of Cannabis and by talking with others about helpful growing tips. BOG has been referred to as “The Bubblegum Guru” because of the presence of Bubblegum in all the Original Strains. Sold worldwide for many years now our reputation has grown due to the success of the strains in a variety of environments. Our reputation of quality at a reasonable price has attracted both indoor and outdoor growers.

Local NorCal Growers have proven our strains outdoors to be very hardy and mold resistant. BOG Strains finish early and produce copious yields of high quality outdoor medicine, even in moist areas

Over 40 years of experience

overgrow.com contributor

Sour Bubble is our Flagship strain for kush lovers

BOG Strains have competed successfully in many Cannabis and Med Cups

2011 High Times San Francisco Med Cup
-1st Place | Sour Bubble

2008 Los Angeles Medical Cup
-1st Place | Bogglegum | Best Indica

Adam Dunn Show

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