Snow High Seeds – Palladium {REG} [5pk]


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  • Snow High Seeds - Palladium {REG} [5pk]
  • Lineage: Platinum OG Kush x Platinum OG Kush
  • Category: Regular Seeds
  • Seed Count: 5 Seeds
  • Palladium delights with its vibrant, frosty buds and a sweet, earthy aroma that's highly distinctive. This regular hybrid strain from Snow High Seeds offers a delightful and refreshing scent profile. The strain's lineage is a double dose of Platinum OG Kush, known for its sweet, earthy fragrance and vibrant profile. This creates a hybrid that's aromatic and visually stunning. Secure your Palladium seeds today!


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  • Palladium: (Platinum OG Kush x True Gangster Kush males)

Palladium is a nod to the historic Los Angeles landmark hosting concerts from the 50’s-70’s big bands to the ’80s-’90s Rap and Rock concerts. Like the ragers threw and all the people enjoying themselves at this venue, the Palladium is one to enjoy with friends during a special occasion. 

The Platinum OG cut is much like the Original OG Kush. From what I heard, the male was an Afghani sourced after our troops went to Afghanistan in the mid to late 2000s. Think OG Kush with more resin and larger buds. 

The Platinum OG cut was pollinated with the other select OG cuts during the Ultimate OG Project. This is from the original cross, an F1 using the two select True Gangster Kush males, which I selected from 50 plants. I grew out of the 50 plants, choosing the best plants with the best-looking root zones and best branching, then from stem rubs, the plants with the most pungent odor helped in my selections. Then when it was too hard to determine more vital traits from this criteria, I selected the plants with the most color, which could be partial color in the petioles, branch stems, or whatever I saw. Some had percentages of color in 15%, 20%, 25-30%, so these variables were minimal. All of this careful growing and selecting was performed so that the progeny from these breedings would offer solid strains for growing which have all the tastes and flavors they expect with the potency but will also be good growing strains.


The True Gangster Kush in Palladium combines modern-day True OG Kush combined with two different Pakistani Kush lines. Palladium is a very vigorous Modern OG Kush/Pakistani hybrid strain with good branching, fast maturation, and potent compact resinous floral clusters that yield heavier than typical OG Kush lines.

Origins Of Palladium Strain

The Palladium strain is the offspring of two influential strains: Platinum OG Kush and True Gangster Kush. A hybrid that’s equal parts grace and grit, Palladium reflects the best qualities of its parent strains, offering a truly unique experience.

Platinum OG Kush

Platinum OG Kush, renowned for its luxurious appearance and potent effects, offers a rich heritage. The Platinum luster symbolizes quality, and its effects are as opulent as its name, with profound relaxing properties.

True Gangster Kush

The True Gangster Kush adds its own flair, an unapologetic boldness, and a creative edge. It’s the cool, confident parent that brings a new level of depth to the Palladium strain.

Terpene Profile and Aromas

The Palladium strain is all about class and complexity. Myrcene provides an earthy foundation, Caryophyllene adds a peppery spice, and Linalool offers a gentle floral touch.

The aroma is a sophisticated blend of earth, spice, and everything nice. A whiff of Palladium will leave you feeling like you’ve entered a high-class lounge, where relaxation meets elegance.

Smoke Report

Palladium smokes like a dream – smooth and luxurious with a taste of the high life. Its effects are a perfect blend of the calming Platinum OG and the inspiring True Gangster Kush.

Light up Palladium, and you’re in for an evening of elegance, relaxation, and creativity. It’s the James Bond of strains, cool, confident, and always in control.

Similar Strains

If the Palladium strain impresses you, consider also sampling Platinum Cookies, OG Gangster, and Royale Kush. Each one offers a different take on the luxurious experience.

Where to Buy Palladium Seeds?

Find the Palladium strain at, the best seed bank in the U.S.A. for over a decade.

Step into a world of elegance and creativity with the Palladium strain. Trust the experts at, and elevate your experience today.

  • Yield: low
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