Top Selection Of Classic Regular Cannabis Seeds

SeedsHereNow offers a top inventory of both feminized and regular cannabis seeds. While feminized seeds only produce feminine plants, regular cannabis seeds produce both male and female plants, which offers advantages for many growers.

Regular cannabis seeds are unaltered by genetic modification for sex expression and offer the purest and most natural form of cannabis genetics. These plants are dioecious, which means they require a male and female plant to pollinate through direct pollination to produce the next generation of seeds. Without male plants present, the female cannabis plants will produce flowers but no seed, which eliminates the possibility of creating your own strain or crossbreed cannabis plants.

At Seeds Here Now, our classic regular marijuana seeds are selected for their distinctive characteristics, ensuring strains that deliver a great user experience and seeds which are resistant to harm from parasites, fungi, and damage from sensitivity to moisture changes within the grow operation environment.

The Best Quality Regular Weed Seeds

SeedsHereNow works with leading breeders around the world to bring in the best regular marijuana seeds for our customers. We’ve got classic and emerging strains from favorites like Wolfpack Selections, Sigma Seeds, Relentless Genetics, Precursor Genetics, and many more.

By choosing only quality breeders who are experts in certified breeder genetics, Seeds Here Now ensures the purity and the growth potential for both the male and female seeds we sell. This allows growers to have robust male and female plant growth with every crop, giving you options to produce your own seeds through selective pollination.

Our regular pot seeds are an excellent choice if you are interested in crossbreeding different strains. This experimentation is both interesting and exciting, allowing you to breed for specific traits, aromas, flavors, and user experience. Creating a signature strain is a milestone goal for many dispensaries and grow operations, but Seeds Here Now makes this goal achievable for even the most modest of personal growers.

For more information on any of our regular marijuana seeds, reach out to the SeedsHereNow team at 844-MY-SEEDS (844-697-3337). You can also send us a message online and we will get back to you as soon as possible.