Lucky Dog Seed Company

Lucky Dog Seed Company, under the leadership of the well-known breeder SkunkVA, is recognized for its significant contributions to the cannabis genetics field. The company is renowned for creating strains that are genetically superior, offering unparalleled potency, unique terpene profiles, and robust genetics. This commitment is driven by a deep-rooted passion for cultivating premium-quality cannabis, positioning Lucky Dog Seed Company as a top choice for both novice and experienced growers seeking excellence in cannabis genetics.

SkunkVA’s dedication to genetic innovation and meticulous selection processes underpins Lucky Dog Seed Company’s reputation. By merging traditional breeding methods with modern scientific advancements, the company has introduced several award-winning strains. These creations not only win accolades but also captivate cannabis enthusiasts worldwide with their complex aromas and potent effects.

Among their standout strains are Chemdog’s Backseat, known for its earthy, diesel, and sour notes leading to a profound cerebral effect, and Guava Chem, which offers a tropical aroma with balanced effects that appeal to a wide range of users for both therapeutic and recreational benefits.

Lucky Dog Seed Company’s premium genetics can be found on, which is touted as the number 1 best US seed bank. This partnership ensures that cannabis aficionados have access to the highest quality seeds, ensuring an unmatched cultivation experience. Whether you are a grower looking for strong genetics for your next project or a connoisseur in search of exceptional strains, Lucky Dog Seed Company, in collaboration with, sets the standard in cannabis genetics

Additionally, Lucky Dog Seed Co. is celebrated for breeding authentic Chemdog strains such as Chem Fuego, Diesel Therapy, and Road Dawg, using verified genetics by Skunk VA. This dedication to quality and authenticity makes them a prominent name in the cannabis breeding community