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  •  Epic: (California Purple Haze x Thors Hammer 


This is a new line of Epic proportions and effects on the mind and body. This line has been in the works for many years now with the result to pass along the high-standing resinous trichomes with spear-shaped colas of crystalline floral clusters with a tremendous high that will please all who partake in her. The matching with Thors Hammer to gain girth (massive colas) and speed up the flowering time will make this a strain for the ages. Very potent, great yielding, amazing bag appeal, and aroma, make EPIC a great strain to grow and show off to friends.  Thors Hammer is incredibly potent with many plants exceeding 26-28 % THC, no small feat. Because of the Haze and Thai genetics being bred into EPIC only 2 generations removed finding mind warping plants won’t be an issue. Finding the balance of power and quality with decent flowering times, color combinations and resin production is going to be what one will look forward to in growing EPIC.


Epic is not only powerful, it’s delicious and luxurious in taste and aroma. With a slight Indian incense and cardamom balanced with a candied raspberry note that increases during a cure. Not much will be released, pink and red stem phenotypes are ones to look out for. Easy on fertilizing, keep to organic water-soluble types like bat guano, fresh earthworm casting, potash. Epic also responds to topping, super cropping and FIM techniques. Once flowering is induced though leave the plants alone to grow as the further topping will stunt floral density growth and extend the flowering time by a few extra weeks.


Potency: 9

Odor: 7

Flavor: 8 

Aroma: Honey Suckle, Citrus, grapefruit, Lemon Grass, cardamom, hints of raspberry preserves chewing gum.


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