Green Team Genetics – Dead Legend BX1 RETIRED {REG} [10pk]


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Green Team Genetics – Dead Legend BX1

Dead Legend x (Dead Legend x Face Off Bx2)

10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Flower Cycle: 9-11 Weeks

Aromas: pine cone citrus potpourri , lemon-pine floor cleaner, earthy & woody og aromas, sweet soapy fuel fragrance

The Dead Legend Bx1 started when the homie, Boston Roots Seed Co found a single bag seed in some Deadhead OG flowers I gave him grown by Loyalty Icmag / Blockwork. The Deadhead OG (Sunsimulator) for those who are familiar is a strain with lemon-lime pine cleaner mouth coating fuel. While being some of the tastiest smoke I have ever encountered, the Deadhead OG herself isn’t very pretty. In flower, she usually has the odd appearance of looking like shes been electrocuted. Pistil pointed in every direction, dense buds but with no real structure, but her taste is incredible. We found out that the likely culprit of the bag seed was the Legend OG (the only other strain in the room) and Boston Roots popped the seed & passed cuts to me & Loyaly Icmag / Blockwork & also made his Dead Legend x Faceoff Bx3. Which I hunted through, selected a male that looked almost identical to the Dead Legend, & pollinated the Dead Legend with to make the Dead Legend Bx1. Testing went very well with this strain, but I like to be transparent when it comes to our genetic projects. A couple phenos from our test grow did produce sterile bananas that grew directly out of the bud (not underneath it) late in flower; at about 11.5-12 weeks. Said phenos produced no seeds & were very close to the original Dead Legend cut. If your looking for an og kush variety with some amazing taste, this is it.

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