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Freebie – SHN – Oreoz Strain


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This is a strain that’s similar to those cookies that you love, and it’s a sweet, chocolatey taste that’s
super similar. It is pretty much herbal dirt of the Oreo, and this is something that’s herby and woody,
with THC that gets up to 33%, so it’s literally mind-blowing.
This is something that is best kept indoors, and it grows in a purple and vibrant color, and it will also be
covered in small pistils of amber, and a lot of trichomes.
When placed on the ground, it’s got a gassy, earthy scent, and is more indica heavy as a hybrid. It’s a
cross between Cookies N Cream along with Secret Weapon and is pretty much the best way for you to
really reduce stress with a nice bud.
A New type of High
This is a type of high that’s potent, and very relaxation-inducing due to the terpenes within this, making
this the new favorite for those who love indica. This is one that pushes the brain into feelings of high-
flying exigence for hours, and especially happiness and serenity.
This is great for those with racing thoughts that are negative. It’ll help take them, pull them in, and from
there, you can get rid of them, expanding and helping you feel calm, making everyone a lot happier too.
It does uplift you while also relaxing you but will also make you reach for snacks. It’s great for friend
gatherings where you just want to not be stressed and relaxed as well. It’s great for those late-night
users too, especially if you have a loss of appetite or are suffering from nausea.
It’s pretty much the best dessert treatment for those with gastrointestinal problems, uplifting their
appetite and spirits back into the fray.
It also is incredibly calming too, so insomniacs can use it and get the sleep that they deserve.
This also offers a clam that’s nice and cerebral, and also comes with a lightness that definitely makes
this a favorite of many.
Lots of users love the amount of THC in this, and many of the growers love the resin and trichome on
this, making it a high-quality concentrate too.
Users in collard also love that it can help them get sleep and helps with those sensations of creativity
that they want to have and is good for after a long day where you can watch TV, or even after a relaxing
spa date, a fishing trip, or other hobbies. Some people like to take this because it’s good for those who
don’t want to do anything and would just like to feel like they’re in a state of reduced relaxation.
People who are interested in feeling creative and excited do benefit from this, but it does have much
more relaxing tones that you will love.
There are a ton of ways to use this, and it’s great for just relaxing and having a good time. If you’re
someone who struggles with just truly relaxing, or deals with a ton of anxiety, this is a great one to check
Do be mindful of this one however, because a little bit goes a long way with this, due to the THC
content. If you’re a user that’s prone to paranoia or suddenly feeling anxious, too much of this could

create that effect. Take a little bit and see how you feel. If you find that you’re still not feeling it after
that, then up the dosage a little bit to see how you feel, and then go from there for the best results that
you can get, and the benefits too.