Exotic Genetix – Runtz Buttonz {REG} [10pk]


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Exotic Genetix – Runtz Buttonz

Runtz x Rainbow Chip

10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

(This info is for one of the parent crosses. Final Results may vary.)

Runtz: An Overview
This is a strain that’s a perfectly balanced hybrid, a rarity in the world of cannabis. It is something that
has many phenotypes to it and comes from a lineage that includes Gelato and Zkittlez strains and is
currently something that’s incredibly popular in the Colorado markets. Many dispensaries are hearing
about the Runtz and want to get more of this.
Compared to more traditional Cookie strains, Runtz is something that’s wispy and light, with trichomes
that grow and jut out into calyxes that are kind of alien on their own. It flowers in about 9 weeks,
harvest near the end of September, and reaches around 180 cm when it’s grown. The yields include up
to 500 g per square meter depending on where you grow it.
Runtz is not an easy strain to grow, and it’s not the easiest to get in seed form as well since it’s very
desired. This is something that’s great for growers of all kinds, and it grows upwards in an ambitious
manner, and it does have a natural growing pattern which doesn’t spread out very far. Those who would
like to consider lateral growth for this one can use Screen of Green in order to tease the plant into the
correct pattern of growth.
It's best to grow Runtz with a lot of nitrogen, especially if you want to hit the full growing potential.
Flavor and Aroma
This is one that’s mainstay for various reasons. It comes with linalool, beta-caryophyllene, and limonene,
in order to have a distinct and flavorful aroma to this. It’s both sweet and sugary and is also layered with
woodsy and tropical flavors to this. The fruity nature of this is so good that it’ll satisfy those who have a
more complex type of palette out there.
It has a fruity, almost candy taste which many report they love.
The high itself
The effects from this go from calming to feeling almost tingly and sleepy, and it’s something that makes
you feel justified when you don’t do anything at all.
This is the perfect additive for those looking to add it to their spa day, or if you want to take a nice nap,
or do nothing on a Sunday besides bringing your favorite movie marathons.
The combination of this does include a euphoric feeling that’s great for body aches and pains and is
great for those who had a long work week and just want to veg out.
This also is good for those who deal with anxiety a lot, and just want to calm down a little bit.
It does make you hungry as well, so for those who need a strain to help with their appetite, this is
something that they’ll love.
Why the popularity?
This is something that’s popular because of the taste and the effects that it has.
It’s actually super reputable, and has been in numerous cannabis publications, and is even present in

For those who have pain every single day, or have trouble really sleeping and relaxing, this is the perfect
strain to try, and see as well just what the results of Runtz can do for you as well, and the effects of such
For many people, runtz Strain is one of the best strains for the job, as it offers one a chance to have a
relaxing mindset, and to calm down.
Many people love this as well because it doesn’t offer a full-blown high, even though over time it can
make you sleepy, but it’s a subtle hybrid with a lot of relaxing properties and is great for pain