Dominion Seed Company – Hoodoo {REG} [13pk]


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Dominion Seed Company – Hoodoo

Crossroad Chem x Dominion Skunk Collab

Flowering Time: 58-65 Days

Yield: Medium – Medium High

13 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Morphology – All will look similar in veg and most will be similar in flower and only vary in floral structure and smell slightly. The less common pheno will not stretch as much, however this less common pheno makes nice super frosty golf ball buds all over. The common phenos resemble Chemdog with extra layers of resin and also heavier yield. The realm of funk revolves around oil rags, chem, sour kush and pink starburst.

How Does It Smoke – Sweet and sour chem with a hint of citrus flavor. The effect is a bit of a speedball, awake and perked up in the head, but very stoned and relaxed in the body. Very much a sociable happy type stone. Long lasting stone that is well balanced.

Growing Notes – Shape large bushes and defoliate inward facing fan leaves prior to bloom along with the lower third. Feed a median feed throughout with a good PK boost in week 3/4/5.  Supplement calcium weeks 1-4 and magnesium and sulfur weeks 5/6/7. This will get you the stankiest of stank and the buds will fill in nice and proper.

Pest Resistance- 7/10
Mold Resistance 8/10
Mildew Resistance- 6/10
Stress Resistance Notes- Over feeding will result in diminished yields and quality. May cause some hermaphroditic flowers in late bloom in extreme cases.

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