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Crickets and Cicadas Seeds – Chem 91 x Puck BC1 {REG} [12pk]


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Crickets and Cicadas Seeds

Strain name – Chem91 x Puck BC1

Lineage – Chemdog 91 (SKVA cutting) x (Skelly) Hash Plant BC1

Sex – Regular

Seed Count – 12 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Flower Time –  63-65 days

Information –
The Chemdog 91 is the queen of contemporary cannabis. Favoured among hardcore smokers as some of the most uniquely potent and complex cannabis in the world. As a result the Chemdog91 is also one of the most tightly held plants in all the community however have no fear, this cross will give you the ability to experience the tremendous potency and complexity of her in your own garden.

This cross will produce offspring that show a high degree of similarity / uniformity though still slight variation allowing growers to tailor their specific selection to their needs. Packing potency, old school gas and skunky funk, these plants will not disappoint those looking for something that’s a sledgehammer both in terms of potency and terps. Musky, acrid earthy aromas typical of the chemdog and hash plant family with an added old school smell. You know that smell you cant describe but it smells like that old school dank? That’s what this one smells like.  10/10 potency, this is like chemdog 91 on steroids!

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