707 Seed Bank – Lava Cake {REG} [10pk]


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707 Seed Bank – Lava Cake

Thin Mint Cookies x 707 Chemdawg

10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

As the name suggests, Lava Cake oozes out delicious trichome with a very pleasant minty chocolate skunky aromas and flavors. A powerful cross between Thin Mint Cookies and 707 Chemdawg. The Thin Mint is very dominant in the cross with much-added yield and potency from the 707 Chemdawg. A must try for all you cookie lovers.

Harvest: Indoor 8-10 Weeks

Popped just perfectly…. Nothing crazy special in the work put in and it hit right on time. For me,
the mint and the chocolate aromas simply bring about the answer to my biggest reason for
popping these puppies. Simple man these get me out of pain and it is not an over-the-counter
solution. Can you really beet a non-adidctive answer to fix some harsh injuries from some crazy
road rash I picked up as a youngling. No doubt, some things didn’t heal correctly and you had
better believe that I have seen more doctors who simply prescribe pills for the answer. Sucks,
but life is life, and I had to find another way to help me be me. Lava Cake is simply my relaxing
answer to what is basically chronic pain. At the end of the day Lava Cake is the strain that
allows me to relax and live life to the fullest. Seriously, thank you for providing easy access to
great gear. Also, shoot me a hint of anything else with the hint of mint and chocolate as I am
such a big fan. Ok for real to anyone who may go through this and read my life story, don’t miss
out on crazy good aromas and sweet sweet relief. Pease and thanks again SeedsHereNow!
Hit after hit this is a crazy win for me and the fam. Lava Cake is one that I simply stock up on
and fill each and every one of my closets at home. Yes, I retrofitted some sweet light and hydro
throughout the house to keep these going all year long. Also, it may be worth actually getting
one of the power sensing devices when you start to retrofit the home. Wires with power are no
joke and come with a punch. No doubt the Lava Cake is my favorite strain, and it is also no
secret that I am a thin mint cookie fiend as well. The smell gives you the perfect mix of
chocolate and mint and one heck of a potent toke. Parden my old man language as I have no
hip lingo in my body. SHN you rock for keeping all the good times rolling!

Heck yes, thank you Seeds Here Now for always making it easy. I picked up 2 packs of the
Lava Cake Strain and never looked back. Each time this comes back or a new version is

released I am going to be in on it. The bloody sweet hint of that thin mint chocolate goodness is
worth the wait. You had better believe I baby my greens and keep a close watch on the each
and every day. Nothing brings the relief at the end of a long day like Lava Cake. You know that
I actually hop into my car at the end of the day with a little pep in the step knowning what I have
waiting. Thanks again for the fast shipping, easy payments, and well great popping gear.
Nothing but love.


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