Trichome Jungle Seeds

Bred by Bananaman
United Kingdom and Spain
Established 2007
Trichome Jungle


Inspired by the lack of variety within the seed market and determined to create something markedly improved, Trichome Jungle Seeds began tinkering with breeding his own varieties. Trichome Jungle Seeds is a small company with a big heart who specialize in quality genetics. All our seeds are produced using organic methods.


  • 2015 Spannabis: 1st Place Hydro Flower & 1st Place Hash for Mandarina
  • 2016 IC Mag: 3rd Place Sativa for Mandarina
  • 2016 Elite Cup: 2nd Place Sativa for Mandarina & 2nd Place Hybrid for Sour Mandarina
  • 2017 Spannabis: 2nd Place BHO Extracts for Sour Mandarina
  • 2017 IC Mag Cup: 1st Place Breeder for Sour Mandarina & 2nd Place Indica for Yew Berry
  • 2018 ic mag cup 1st place breeders with cherry spice and 2nd place sativa with mandarina
  • 2018 ic mag 2nd place sativa with lillt 2nd place indica with jungle dawg and 3 rd place indica with cherry spice