The Advantages to Choosing Seeds Over Clones

calendar March 11, 2019
The Advantages to Choosing Seeds Over Clones

Articles - The Advantages To Choosing Seeds Over ClonesThere are many advantages of choosing seeds over clones, let’s see why.

Once a plant has germinated it develops a taproot which shoots deep down into the ground. This long root transports water together with essential nutrients into the plant so it can thrive. For outdoor growth, this quality is immeasurable under hot and dry conditions. Clones however, only establish side roots which lack the absorbing energy of the taproot. Therefore, clones will generally be weaker than the mother plant.

When nurturing a clone, intense professionalism is required. Clones don’t have developed root systems, therefore, everything about the environmental conditions has to be absolutely perfect and controlled for the clones to continue growing.

The genetic makeup of the cannabis strain has to be matched with its destined environment for optimal results. When purchasing seeds from a reliable seed bank, growers can choose specific strains designed to thrive in the designated environment. Seed banks have information regarding yield, quality, THC/CBD content, height etc. So growers can choose between hundreds of strains to purchase the ones that suit them best. Clones, on the other hand, are hard to find. Growers can purchase them from online stores, or perhaps get it from a friend or an acquaintance, where the choice of strain is wildly limited.

Purchasing seeds from online seed retailers usually guarantees the stealth many growers require. Clones however, do not share the same quality. First of all, the person that gave or sold the clone, will know about the growing operation. Second, transportation of clones is easily detectable, whilst hundreds of seeds could fit in a pocket without exposure.

Many years ago when autoflowers made an entry into the growers palette, the potency and quality did not compare to regular photoperiod strains. But times have changed and the incredible scientific breakthroughs in breeding and creating autoflower hybrids has brought some of the dankest strains known to mankind, hands down.

Now, cloning an autoflower plant…not a good idea. The life of an autoflower mother is already predetermined after the seed has germinated. Genetically this lifespan clock will be transferred into the clones. So if the mother has 90 days until the end of her days, and the clones are taken 40 days after the mother’s germination,

generally the clones will only live for another 50 days and maybe produce one meek bud. Therefore clones are taken only from photoperiod mother plants because the change of light duration puts them into flowering mode, not the genetical life clock.

If the mother plant had any pesky pests, viruses or diseases, they will be passed on to the clones. Also, even if the clone is healthy, the transportation can invite pest guests such as spider mites. Planting the cannabis from seed ensures the grower with a “clean slate”.

Find that special one! Seeds from the same strain of cannabis will have growth, smell and effect characteristics that will be similar, but not identical. In other words they will have different phenotypes. Sometimes you just come across this special phenotype that will make you drool if you even think about it. When you do find that very special phenotype, well, then you should start with taking clones of course.

Seeds are long lasting if its cool ,dry and hidden from light. If stored for a longer time, the humidity levels should not exceed 9%, in this case, vacuum sealing is optimal. Clones cannot be stored as seeds since they’re already growing and in need of intense tender care.

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