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This item will add one Tier 2 Grab Bags to your cart.

Tier 2 – These are pre-bagged by the SHN team– we are not taking requests for specific packs nor will you know the exact packs you are getting however we CAN guarantee at least 1 full pack valued at a minimum of $88.88 — there might even be an extra gift in your bag!

It is likely you will receive extra goodies which could range from SHN logo pens, toker pokers, bong mats, to gift packs of gear (which will not be under the guarantee as they are gift packs).

These Grab Bags will be worth a minimum of $98.88 in gear and will be excellent gifts for you, your family, or your friends!

Please look for the Promo Card in the bag which will give you a chance for a free pack or discount with us!


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