Thug Pug Genetics – PB Diesel {REG} [10pk]


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  • Thug Pug Genetics - PB Diesel {REG} [10pk]
  • Lineage: East Coast Sour Diesel x Peanut Butter Runtz
  • Category: Regular Seeds
  • Seed Count: 10 Seeds
  • PB Diesel captivates with its frosty, dense buds and a sweet, earthy aroma that's refreshing and delightful. This regular hybrid strain, developed by Thug Pug Genetics, offers a unique and inviting scent profile. The strain's lineage combines East Coast Sour Diesel, known for its sweet, earthy fragrance, with Peanut Butter Runtz, recognized for its vibrant profile. Together, they create a hybrid that's aromatic and visually stunning. Secure your PB Diesel seeds today!


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Breeder Certified Genetics
Breeder Certified Genetics

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Thug Pug Genetics – PB Diesel

East Coast Sour Diesel x Peanut Butter Runtz {REG} [10pk]

PB Diesel Strain


PB Diesel: Fuel Your Senses


Immerse yourself in the tantalizing journey that is PB Diesel, a compelling blend of East Coast Sour Diesel and Peanut Butter Runtz. This unique strain exemplifies a harmonious marriage of flavors and effects, giving birth to a high that’s as enchanting as its lineage. With PB Diesel, every experience is a memorable adventure.


An Intriguing Mosaic of Flavors


PB Diesel brings a riveting dance of flavors to your senses. The terpene profile sings of a diesel-fueled earthiness, a testament to its East Coast Sour Diesel lineage. This is skillfully woven with a surprising twist of sweet nuttiness, a delightful nuance inherited from Peanut Butter Runtz. It’s an unexpected symphony that delights and surprises with each puff.


An Uplifting Experience


PB Diesel offers a high that’s as intricate as its flavor profile. Its effects ignite a spark of cerebral creativity that’s as uplifting as a summer breeze. This heady high gradually melts into a physical calm that envelops the body without overwhelming. It’s a beautifully balanced strain that’s perfect for day and evening enjoyment alike.


If You Love PB Diesel, You Might Also Enjoy…


If you’ve fallen for the unique flavor profile and uplifting effects of PB Diesel, you’re sure to enjoy East Coast Sour Diesel and Peanut Butter Runtz as well. Each of these strains offers something distinctive, providing a cornucopia of cannabis experiences to explore.


The Safest Place to Get Your Cannabis Seeds


Eager to cultivate your PB Diesel journey? Get your seeds from, the most trusted seed bank in the USA.


Gromer, as the lead breeder for Thug Pug Genetics, plays a pivotal role in the creation of their exceptional cannabis strains. With their expertise and dedication, Gromer brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the development of Thug Pug Genetics’ genetics lineup.


As the driving force behind Thug Pug Genetics, Gromer’s passion for cannabis breeding is evident in the remarkable strains they produce. Their meticulous selection and breeding process result in unique and potent genetics that have gained a dedicated following among cannabis enthusiasts.


With Gromer at the helm, Thug Pug Genetics continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in cannabis breeding, offering a diverse range of strains that showcase their commitment to quality and innovation. Whether you’re seeking strains with exceptional flavors, mind-blowing potency, or captivating aromas, Thug Pug Genetics, led by Gromer, is sure to deliver an extraordinary cannabis experience.

  • Yield: low
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