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TH Seeds – Roof 95 Feminized

5 Feminized Seeds Per Pack

Back in 1995, on the roof of the C.I.A (Cannabis In Amsterdam) a seed was born, not to be rediscovered for 20 years. Labeled with a Ying/Yang this plant out shined the others and finished fully in the short brutal Dutch season. Grown in a former case of the Picasso coffee shop that we boxed in and filled with soil, this plant was a true work of art. These seeds came from the original S.A.G.E. project and were part of the “Afghanica” side of S.A.G.E.. This one plant produced a small batch of seeds that were saved throughout the years with the Ying/Yang guiding the memory banks. Further selected by the T.H.Seeds Farmer to bring to the masses an almost lost gem from the bit too distant past. Roof 95 is a very short, fat leafed plant full of resin and heavy flavor and punch.

Origins Of Roof 95 Feminized Strain

The Roof 95 Feminized strain, masterfully crafted by TH Seeds, boasts a vibrant history steeped in mystery and allure. As if adding a dash of suspense to its persona, the lineage of Roof 95 is somewhat elusive. This makes it even more tantalizing to connoisseurs and novices alike, as its genetics remain a secret treasure to be explored.

The strain draws its name from an intriguing piece of cannabis lore. Legend has it that the original cut was found in a batch of seeds, number 95 out of 500, grown on a rooftop. Thus, the name Roof 95 was born. What we do know is that it’s an Indica-dominant hybrid, known to deliver a potent and tranquilizing experience.

Terpene Profile and Aromas

The Roof 95 Feminized strain wraps you in a beautifully rich tapestry of aromas. The initial scent is earthy, a tribute to its dominant terpene, Myrcene. This is followed by a subtle spicy note, gifted by the presence of Caryophyllene.

Lastly, Limonene adds a refreshing citrus twist to the mix, like a zesty surprise in a well-baked loaf. Each inhale is a new revelation, a chance to discover another facet of this enigmatic strain.

Smoke Report

The Roof 95 Feminized strain provides a smoking experience akin to sinking into a plush armchair after a long day. The first draw presents an earthy flavor, soothing and rich. Subsequent puffs reveal a complex interplay of spice and citrus, a symphony that plays on your palate long after you exhale.

The smoke is smooth and calming, a cascade of relaxation that envelops you like a warm blanket. As your senses surrender to the gentle lullaby of the Indica, you’ll experience a serene transition from consciousness to a world of peaceful slumber.

If You Like This Strain, You May Also Like…

If you’re a fan of the Roof 95 Feminized strain, then you may find pleasure in exploring other Indica-dominant strains. Strains such as Northern Lights, Afghan Kush, or the well-balanced hybrid Blue Dream, known for their relaxing properties, would make excellent additions to your list.

Where to Buy Roof 95 Feminized Seeds?

To secure your Roof 95 Feminized seeds, look no further than SeedsHereNow.com, the premier seed bank in the U.S.A. With over a decade of industry expertise, they offer an extensive selection of certified breeder genetics, assuring you of quality and authenticity.

Remember, when you’re seeking high-quality cannabis seeds, look no further than SeedsHereNow.com. With their vast selection and trusted breeder network, you’ll be sowing the seeds of success.

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