T.H. Seeds – Califunk 710 Bonus Pack {FEM} [8pk]


TH Seeds – Califunk 710 Bonus Pack

Triangle Kush x Zkittlez x Gelato41 x Kushmints x Pure Afghani

5 Feminized Seeds + 2 Feminized Seeds

+ 1 French Macaron Fem Seed

8 Feminized Seeds total

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TH Seeds – Califunk 710 Bonus Pack

Triangle Kush x Zkittlez x Gelato41 x Kushmints x Pure Afghani

Sativa 40% / Indica 60 %
Height: 110 – 140 cm
Yield: 550 – 650 gr p.s.m.
Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
Taste: Gassy, Fruity, Mint, Ice Cream
Effect: Very Mellow, Strong Body Relaxation

5 Feminized Seeds + 2 Feminized Seeds

+ 1 French Macaron Fem Seed

8 Feminized Seeds total

California dreaming! T.H.Seeds™ brings the best of the Golden State straight to your door! We crossed some of the best Cali strains to create CaliFunk, an absolutely groovy new strain. Triangle Kush x Zkittlez x Gelato41 x Kushmints x Pure Afghani
CaliFunk is gassy, fruity, minty, creamy and really mellows you out with a strong body relaxation. Great night time strain.
We selected the best mix of the greatest genetics for ultimate production, density, flavors and smell. You get the best of the Kush family with the Gelato41 and Zkittlez and we added to it the famous Kusmints to bring more density and frostiness.
The Califunk structure is very much like a Christmas tree with a lot of side branches. Not too tall, just the perfect size for indoor growing but she can turn into a monster outdoors.
Not too leafy with a nice flower to leaf ratio, great internode spacing, well balanced and homogenous overall look.
You can leave her as a massive tree but better to top her at least once or twice.
Most CaliFunk phenotypes bleed red when topped, showing high anthocyanins levels. CaliFunk also does great with Sea of Green and she can handle a lot of feeding. Califunk starts to smell pretty strong early on in the grow. The buds are dense and full of trichomes and color. T.H.Seeds™ Califunk taste and effect are amazing, gassy, fruity, minty and creamy, lifting you up in a cloud of divinity with the luxury of relaxing all your body for hours.
Easy to trim and cure and perfect for all kinds of extraction. Dry for at least 12-15 days and cure for another 2 weeks to get the best results.The Califunk testers gave amazing results, we can almost call it some of the best test results we’ve ever had and that says a lot. Califunk bringing that Golden State fire!


  • Yield: low

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