Solfire Gardens – Creature Panic {FEM} [6pk]


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Solfire Gardens – Creature Panic

Creature x Bahama Mama

6 Feminized Seeds Per Pack

Solfire post from IG…”She’s frosty, has colorways from green with purple hues to full on vibrant violet with orange fades. Her smell ranges from melon fruit to pomegranate cookies. Today’s reveal is a combination of collaborative art. We first approached local graffiti artist @creaturepanic about doing box art for us months ago, I had no idea who @creaturepanic was I just knew I always saw this crazy squiggly bear everywhere in Seattle and every time I spotted one it was almost a where’s Waldo type of moment, I’d have to point it out like “there’s another one”! With some digging we found @creaturepanic and they were stoked to do some box art for us. Cultivation and graffiti in a weird way are very similar, both are forms of artistic subculture that’s not fully accepted by everyone but part of the creative patchwork that makes up the American experience. In this box you will get two pieces of Seattle art, ours and theirs.”



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