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Second Generation Genetics – Limonene Queen

Chernobyl (Golden Ticket) x DJ Short F4 Blueberry

13 Regular Seeds Per Pack

JD says, “The Limonene Queen was the most sativa expressing cross from this round of R&D. Her overall leaf structure and shape was more slender and elongated than the other crosses in R&D this round, as well her overall flower structure and shape had similar slender and elongated expressions to them. Both her resin and terpene development are adequate and what I’d consider to be above average. She’s also expressing unique color traits such as dark and violet shaded trichomes and periwinkle pastels on the undersides of the leaves.

Origins of Limonene Queen Strain

Second Generation Genetics brings us Limonene Queen, a strain as royal as its name suggests, delivering an uplifting energetic high that encourages creativity.

The Mother – Chernobyl (Golden Ticket)

Chernobyl, or the Golden Ticket variant, is an intense strain famed for its potent mental stimulation. It leaves users feeling energetic and happy, a fitting match for those seeking a boost of positivity in their day.

The Father – DJ Short F4 Blueberry

DJ Short F4 Blueberry, on the other hand, is well-known for its soothing body high. The dominant Blueberry lineage produces a sweet, berry-like aroma and flavor that perfectly balances Chernobyl’s more vibrant citrus notes.

Terpene Profile and Aromas

The terpene profile of Limonene Queen is dominated by limonene, myrcene, and pinene. These terpenes fuse to create an exhilarating citrus scent, further sweetened by a hint of blueberries, courtesy of its Blueberry parentage.

Smoke Report

As the high begins, Limonene Queen first bestows an energetic and uplifting cerebral experience. As this progresses, users often find their creativity sparked and enhanced. As the high mellows out, the strain’s body effects become more prominent, providing a soothing sense of relaxation.

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Those who enjoy the Limonene Queen’s unique blend of cerebral stimulation and physical relaxation might also enjoy strains like Lemon Kush, Blueberry Kush, or Trainwreck.

Where to Buy Limonene Queen Seeds?

You can buy Limonene Queen seeds and many others from, the top US-based seed bank for over a decade.

🍋 Experience the Majestic High of Limonene Queen 🍋

Limonene Queen offers a unique high that blends cerebral energy with physical relaxation. Its citrusy aroma is sweetened with a hint of blueberries, providing a truly royal experience. 🍋 Begin your regal journey today! 🍋

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