Omuerta Genetix – Looper F2 {REG} [11pk]

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  • Omuerta Genetix - Looper F2 {REG} [11pk]
  • Lineage: Daybreaker OG x Mendodawg F2
  • Category: Regular Seeds
  • Seed Count: 11 Seeds
  • Looper F2, ingeniously crafted by Omuerta Genetix, is a Sativa-dominant marvel that embodies the spirited cross of Daybreaker OG and Mendodawg F2. This strain exudes an enchanting aroma landscape, transitioning from sweet floral whispers to a robust pinene and OG Kush essence, interlaced with earthy depths and a sprinkle of Mendodawg’s sweet nuances. Its flowering journey culminates in a splendid display of resinous flowers, promising a sensory indulgence that appeals to enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

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Omuerta Genetix – Looper F2

Daybreaker OG X Mendodawg F2

Sativa Dominant

Flower Cycle: 70 Days

Yield: High

11 Regular Seeds Per Pack

“Looper is an second Filial generation of ‘Time Traveller’, a very heady cross of Daybreaker OG and the Mendodawg phenotype ‘Horizons’. Plants stretch into Sativa like spears and bulk out into familiar OGKush flowering pattern. A large main cola with segmented classic bulleting down to the base of solid compact resinous flowers. Throughout the flower cycle, a sweet floral scent can be detected from Looper before turning into a heavy pinene / OGKush odor and taste. Earthy with tones of deep pine and sweet subtle hints of the Mendodawg intertwined. Looper is close to a 10 week finish for full effect and terpene expression. The last 2 weeks are when the strain will bulk up in weight and develop flavors and smell.
Looper performs incredibly well in a SCROG or SOG grow as well as full term mature plants, making it ideal for all setups. It is an easy strain to grow and the yields can be quite impressive once you have it acclimated to your garden. Looper clones very easily and when flowered at under a foot tall will grow into 3’ foot tall plants consisting of a single top cola and over sized secondary flowers with very little to no side branching keeping the OG Kush linear growth pattern. For full term plants we suggest topping and pruning for sideways growth during the vegetation phase to allow for the maximum amount of terminal flowers.”

  • Yield: low

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