James Loud Genetics – Loud Lemonade {REG} [5pk] RETIRED


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  • James Loud Genetics - Loud Lemonade {REG} [5pk] RETIRED
  • Lineage: Lemon Skunk x Lemon Skunk
  • Category: Regular Seeds
  • Seed Count: 5 Seeds
  • Loud Lemonade, a cross between Lemon Skunk and Lemon Skunk. Description: Loud Lemonade, now retired, was known for its zesty lemon flavor that comes from a double dose of Lemon Skunk. This strain produced vibrant, sticky buds that delivered a refreshing, citrusy high, energizing the mind and invigorating the body. It was favored for daytime use, providing a burst of energy and a sharp focus.


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Breeder Certified Genetics

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James Loud Genetics – Loud Lemonade

James Loud has retired this strain and is no longer available

(Lemon Skunk x 7/8th Sour)

Due to popular demand and stability we achieved through back-crossing and years of genetic selection we created a line using our tested 7/8 Sour male as a pollinator with several of our favorite strains. This can add several trait possibilities in the phenotypes such as an increase in yield, citrus terpenes, and/or petrol gas. You can achieve massive yields with this strain paired with a fresh zested lemon profile on the nose. Lemon Skunk x 7/8 Sour was crossed for a strain with an extra vigor that double in height after the light cycle shifts into flowering.

5 Regular Seeds Per Pack

As a seasoned connoisseur, I’ve had my fair share of strains, but few have been as enchanting as the Loud Lemonade strain from James Loud Genetics. It’s a tantalizing hybrid strain that perfectly demonstrates the brand’s focus on innovating exceptional products for the cannabis community.

Origins of the “Loud Lemonade” Strain

The exact genetic makeup of Loud Lemonade remains a well-kept secret of the breeder, adding an aura of mystery around it. But, in my experience, it’s the unknown that often captivates us most. The enigma doesn’t stop Loud Lemonade from standing out in the crowd, though.

Terpene Profile and Aromas

Loud Lemonade, as the name suggests, has an invigoratingly zesty terpene profile. It boasts notes of fresh lemons and sweet citrus, mixed with subtle undertones of traditional skunky cannabis. It’s like walking into a lemon orchard on a hot summer day, only to discover that the entire grove is part of a cannabis farm.

Smoke Report

Lighting up Loud Lemonade is akin to sipping on a cool glass of lemonade on a balmy afternoon. Its smoke is smooth, often bringing back memories of lazy, hazy summer days. A certain effervescence lingers in your mouth, a combination of citrusy sweetness and a skunky pungency.

Similar Strains

If you’re drawn to the invigorating flavors of Loud Lemonade, you might also enjoy Lemon Skunk, Super Lemon Haze, or Citrus Sap. These strains are well known for their energizing effects and citrusy terpene profiles.

Where to Buy Loud Lemonade Seeds?

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  • Yield: low
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