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La Plata Labs – Alien Bubba Berry

DJ Short’s Blueberry x Alien Bubba

5 Regular Seeds Per Pack

This strain is an exceptional mix between the Blueberry(DJ Short) and the Alien Bubba. Berry aromas that make you salivate all over the place along with the extremely narcotic body and head high known from the Alien Bubba. The trichome/resin production is out of this world so making concentrates with this strain is highly recommended for a great return!

Alien Bubba Berry – A Celestial Symphony from La Plata Labs

The Out-Of-This-World Origins of Alien Bubba Berry

Born out of a harmonious blend of the illustrious DJ Short’s Blueberry and the formidable Alien Bubba, the strain christened Alien Bubba Berry is a brainchild of La Plata Labs, a breeder known for concocting celestial creations. The fusion of these two heavyweight strains gives Alien Bubba Berry an enticing blend of flavors, the delightful aroma, and the desirable effects that it is celebrated for.

DJ Short’s Blueberry, the maternal strain, is renowned for its succulent berry flavor that is synonymous with a warm summer’s day. This strain boasts a legendary status for its calming properties that gently cradle you in relaxation. When crossed with Alien Bubba, a potent strain known for its immersive, cerebral high and sweet earthy flavors, the result is truly out-of-this-world.

Terpene Symphony – An Olfactory Space Journey

With Alien Bubba Berry, the adventure begins as soon as you unscrew the lid. An invigorating blend of terpenes greets your senses, painting a celestial panorama of a summer’s night dotted with ripe, juicy berries. The dominant terpenes – Myrcene, Pinene, and Limonene – join forces to provide an aromatic profile that is both sweet and earthy, laced with a tangy citrus twist.

A Trip to the Milky Way – The Alien Bubba Berry Experience

Once lit, Alien Bubba Berry unveils a universe of flavor. The initial hit delivers a rush of sweetness reminiscent of ripe berries, followed by a delightful undertone of earthy complexity. The smoke is dense and creamy, swirling around your palate like a nebula of nuanced flavors. As you exhale, a lingering berry taste remains, a fond reminder of the voyage.

Similar Strains – Expand Your Galactic Journey

For those who find joy in the Alien Bubba Berry experience, similar strains to add to your cosmic voyage might include Blue Alien, DJ Short Blueberry, and Bubba Kush. These strains share a comparable balance of sweetness and earthiness that is characteristic of Alien Bubba Berry.

The Alien Bubba Berry Seeds Galactic Hub

Wondering where to kickstart your cosmic journey with Alien Bubba Berry seeds? is your trusted portal, being the most reputable seed bank in the United States for over a decade. Let your interstellar exploration begin!

Benefit-driven section: With Alien Bubba Berry, your journey into relaxation and euphoria is assured. A fusion of delectable flavors, invigorating scents, and positive vibes, this strain is your ticket to a cosmic escape. So why wait? Take the leap, and let Alien Bubba Berry transport you to the stars.

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