Omuerta Genetix – Demi Lovato Kush


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Omuerta Genetix – Demi Lovato Kush

Highschool Sweetheart X Herijuana No.3

Indica Dominant

Flower Cycle: 56-63 Days

Yield: High

11+ Regular Seeds Per Pack

“America’s high school sweet heart has had multiple hits on Omuerta’s label. She has done duets with Serroquel as well as the Ghostbreath. Omuerta took this amazing strain called Highschool Sweetheart, which is a cross of Cherry Pie Kush and the legendary Grateful Breath, and took her to a 3rd generation using our eugenically based and probiotic husbandry techniques. This work resulted in her name change to Haydens Strain/HSSHF3 after my own daughter. In her most recent attempt to grab the spotlight and headlines of growers Instagram pages; Our High school sweet heart F2 had one final dance of 2018 and took her chances with the legendary Herijuana IBL. Our Herijuana seeds came from the first original founder of the strain and we got enough sent to find a few keepers and keep some for later use in case we want to go back to the original well.

We started phenotype selection on the Herijuana seeds and found a few different looking plants numbering the males and culling them as we went looking for the best all around structured, yielding and smelling male. This was found in our Herijuana#3 male that was just a massive bush when sent into flower, throwing terminal shoots everywhere there was space. We harvested the pollen and cleaned it before showering a choice cloned Highschool Sweetheart plant and letting her stay under her own 315watt Lec to take full advantage of the ending of the summer projects.

We are proud to announce the last official release of 2018, ‘Demi Lovato Kush’, an Indica hybrid reducing the size of the stretch within HSSHF3, reducing the time in flower by a week or greater, as well as add some magic to this already exquisite and must have strain.”


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