Fast Buds – Original Russian Auto {AUTOFEM} [5pk]


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Fast Buds – Original Auto Russian

Indica 70/30

Height: 60-80 cm

Yield Indoor: up to 500 gr/m2

Yield Outdoor: 50-130 gr/plant

Flower Cycle: 56 days

THC: up to 20%

5 Feminized Automatic Seeds Per Pack

An Indica dominant hybrid that is very easy to grow, with a short height and large yields. Russian Auto is superb for growers looking for a low maintenance, rapid flowering, resilient hybrid with wonderful sweet, candy, fruity, and skunky aromas. An excellent variety for growing on a terrace or balcony due to her stealth appearance and quick turn around time from seed until harvest. Her effects are more mental than physical as she expresses a full spectrum of Indica and Sativa heritage. An excellent strain for those looking to grow multiple crops outdoors over the Summer to Winter months, who require top-performing genetics.

Bud description: Russian Auto has a remarkable resin profile. Underneath the sea of trichomes, are bulky dense calyxes that are swarmed in brown hairs with hints of dark and lime green buds. The buds are large-sized in appearance meaning they have a wonderful bag appeal, perfect for commercial growers.

Smoke report: A potent strain whose effects creep up and take on a cerebral edge which will mellow out into a physical relaxed effect. A well-balanced effect that is not too racy or heavy, despite the Indica dominance, making her a brilliant choice for those who enjoy a mix of Indica and Sativa. Well suited for being focused, alert, and great for boosting creativity at the same time maintaining a laid back sensation.

Plant Appearance: Original Auto Russian will remain low early on and will stretch to a compact 60-80cm. One of our shorter plants making her well suited for growers with limited space. Her leaf structure will be thick and short, with very little distance between internodal spacing. The buds will grow thick and fast and despite her lifespan of only 8 weeks, this rapidly growing autoflower will produce yields of 400-500gr/m2. This lady does not take up much space and grows with a very uniform and homogenous structure.