Homegrown Natural Wonders – Harly Who {REG} [5pk]


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Homegrown Natural Wonders – Harly Who

Doctor Who x Harly Tsu

Sativa 60/40

Flower Cycle: 56-70 Days

Yield: Above Average

5 Regular Seeds Per Pack

This is a cross of our favorite Dr Who by Harley Tsu male. This cross not only has a high Beta-myrcene content, but CBD as well. This strain is great for relaxing and pain relief. It has been testing 2:1 and 1:1 CBD:THC ratios.

Phenotypes: There are 4 main phenotypes. Smell ranges from rotten fruit to sweet grapes with hints of cherry. The main difference between phenotypes is in the bud structure and the dominant color; buds are either fingery or round, with pale green or purple as their chief color.

Height: short to medium with minimal stretch

Recommended for indoor and outdoor conditions.

Best way to grow: Top early and train out to a 30” bush

High type: Clear head with a nice Indica bottom that allows relaxation with pain relief. Best for evening use.

Taste: grape to rotten fruit with some sweeter notes.

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