Homegrown Natural Wonders – Frost Boss {REG} [5pk]


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  • Homegrown Natural Wonders - Frost Boss {REG} [5pk]
  • Lineage: Mob Boss x TimeWreck
  • Category: Regular Seeds
  • Seed Count: 5 Seeds
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Terpenes: Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene
  • Frost Boss is a robust creation by Homegrown Natural Wonders, a cross between Mob Boss and Timewreck. Description: Frost Boss showcases large, frosty buds that glisten with trichomes, displaying hues of green and gold. The aroma is an invigorating blend of citrus and pine, with a spicy undertone that stimulates the senses and energizes the mind. Lineage and Historical Anecdotes: Mob Boss, known for its potent effects and strong aroma, synergizes perfectly with the time-altering qualities of Timewreck. This combination delivers a powerful, long-lasting high that's as intense as it is aromatic.

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Breeder Certified Genetics

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Homegrown Natural Wonders – Frost Boss

Mob Boss x Timewreck

Hybrid 50/50

THC: 20-24%

Flower Time: 55-65 Days

Yield: Average

5 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Homegrown Natural Wonders has brought another cross of that stellar Timewreck. With the addition of the Mob Boss mother, this beast has heaps of frost that extend way out onto the leaves. As a result this beauty makes a good candidate for quality extracts.

 HomeGrown Natural Wonders – Mob Boss x TimeWreck

Cannabis Seeds

Product Short Description:

Experience the unique blend of power and time warp, with our HomeGrown Natural Wonders Mob Boss x TimeWreck cannabis seeds. A premium lineage that offers an invigorating cerebral high and deep physical relaxation.

Product Detailed Description:


Embark on a horticultural journey with HomeGrown Natural Wonders’ Mob Boss x TimeWreck cannabis seeds. This remarkable strain boasts an extraordinary lineage that cultivates an experience as exceptional as its genetic composition. These cannabis seeds are a must-have for any serious collector or cultivator.

Strain Details:

The Mob Boss x TimeWreck is a hybrid strain that balances the best attributes of its parent strains, the fiercely potent Mob Boss and the time-distorting TimeWreck. The result is a beautiful symphony of effects that will delight both recreational and medicinal users. This particular strain has even garnered accolades within the cannabis community for its uniquely robust attributes.

Growing Information:

Ideal for intermediate growers, the Mob Boss x TimeWreck performs well in both indoor and outdoor settings. The strain generally flowers within 7-9 weeks, yielding a substantial crop of trichome-laden buds. With its high resistance to common pests and diseases, this plant is a joy to grow, whether in soil or hydroponic setups.

Effects and Flavor Profile:

When consumed, the Mob Boss x TimeWreck entices with a complex array of flavors. The initial burst of citrus is complemented by subtle undertones of earthy pine and sweet fruit. The strain’s effects are as delightful as its flavor, beginning with an invigorating cerebral rush that eventually gives way to a deep and soothing body relaxation.

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  • Lineage: Mob Boss x TimeWreck
  • Sativa: 50%
  • Indica: 50%
  • THC: 23%
  • Flower Time: 7-9 weeks days
  • Yield: average
  • Flavor/Terpene Makeup: Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene
  • Effects: Uplifting, Relaxing, Euphoric
  • Grow Tips:
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