Heavy Dayze Genetics – Kyphi V2 {FEM} [8pk]


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  • Heavy Dayze Genetics - Kyphi V2 {FEM} [8pk]
  • Lineage: Jelly Breath#3 x Raspberry Mumma Queen
  • Category: Feminized Seeds
  • Seed Count: 8 Seeds
  • Kyphi V2 from Heavy Dayze Genetics is a feminized strain resulting from a cross between Jelly Breath #3 and Raspberry Mumma Queen. Description: Kyphi V2 produces stunningly vibrant buds that are dense and coated with a thick layer of resinous trichomes. The aroma is a delightful fusion of deep berry notes from Raspberry Mumma Queen and the sweet, confectionary-like scents of Jelly Breath #3, creating an intoxicatingly fruity and sugary bouquet. The buds are often a rich purple and green, visually appealing and potent. Lineage and Historical Anecdotes: Jelly Breath #3 brings its notable sweet, bakery-inspired flavors to the mix, enhancing the berry sweetness of Raspberry Mumma Queen. This combination offers a tantalizingly rich and complex flavor profile, making Kyphi V2 a standout strain for those seeking depth in taste and aroma along with a robust visual appeal.


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Breeder Certified Genetics

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Heavy Dayze Genetics – Kyphi V2

Jelly Breath#3 x Raspberry Mumma Queen

8 Feminized Seeds Per Pack

– The Enigma. By far the most popular of any line I’ve realized and with good reason. Combining the best of the fable Jellybreath#3 mother that has been held exclusively in Australia since 2016. Musky, Rotting Meat, Chocolate, Incense, Cookies are just some of the terp and flavor profiles you get from Kyphi. Deemed so high quality she’s earned herself a breeding spot in the garden of other breeders around the world. 58 to 65 days, incredibly resinous, sporting black, magenta, auburn and lilac colors, she’s a looker no doubt. Potent indica sedation with anti anxiety effects. Long lasting and heavy hitting, she’s not morning weed.

🌱 Kyphi V2 Strain by Heavy Dayze Genetics: A Refreshing Journey into Its Roots

Embark on a captivating voyage into the fascinating lineage of the Kyphi V2 strain. Crafted by the proficient team at Heavy Dayze Genetics, Kyphi V2 is a profound embodiment of the meticulous art of strain breeding.

Born from the enchanting union of Jelly Breath#3 and Raspberry Mumma Queen, Kyphi V2 carries forward the proud legacy of its ancestors while imprinting its unique genetic footprint on the world of cannabis strains.

The Jelly Breath#3 strain, celebrated for its calming effects and exotic scent profile, is one of the parents that shaped Kyphi V2. Its relaxing traits meld seamlessly with Raspberry Mumma Queen, a strain renowned for its enticingly fruity aroma and uplifting high, resulting in the creation of the phenomenal Kyphi V2.

👃 Kyphi V2 Strain: A Dance of Aromas and Terpenes

Prepare for an alluring olfactory adventure as you explore Kyphi V2’s complex terpene profile. Each bud unravels a captivating melody of scents and flavors, enticing you into a world of sensory delights.

Your first encounter with Kyphi V2 is a fragrant hit of raspberries. This luscious aroma, inherited from Raspberry Mumma Queen, is reminiscent of a fruit orchard bathed in sunlight. The sweetness is tempered by the subtle, exotic undertones from Jelly Breath#3, grounding the fruity fragrance with an earthy complexity.

Every whiff of Kyphi V2 is a thrilling ride, a dance of aromas that engages your senses in a way few strains can replicate.

🔥 Kyphi V2 Strain: An Unforgettable Smoking Experience

Delving into the smoking experience of Kyphi V2, I assure you, it’s an unforgettable journey. The soft plume of smoke is a harmonious blend of sweet and earthy notes, gliding smoothly down your throat with each inhale.

The initial sensation is a serene cerebral stimulation, a direct influence from Jelly Breath#3. It swiftly transforms into a blanket of relaxation, a clear demonstration of Raspberry Mumma Queen’s calming properties. This delightful symphony of effects makes every puff of Kyphi V2 an extraordinary experience.

👍 Other Strains You Might Fancy

If you’ve found a kindred spirit in Kyphi V2, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy exploring its parent strains. Both Jelly Breath#3 and Raspberry Mumma Queen offer distinct, enriching cannabis experiences that any strain aficionado should experience.

🛒 Your Trustworthy Source: SeedsHereNow

When you’re ready to embark on your Kyphi V2 cultivation journey, I recommend SeedsHereNow.com, a leading seed bank in the USA. Renowned for their commitment to quality and consistency, they are your reliable partner in your pursuit of cannabis excellence.

  • Yield: low

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